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A Sign of the Times?

exercise:  gym

15mins x-trainer/30 mins spin bike (alternating between riding and standing riding)

core/upper weights/lunges

Had a really good session at the gym today.  Still haven’t got my orthtics back so I may have to go back to gym tomorrow, I am really hoping for a call from Pod today to say come “come and get them” so I can start running again.

I had my nose put out of joint today and I am not sure if this is the go now or its just my gym.  Last week I made an appointment to have a new gym program written up and unfortunately I had to cancel it.  So today I tried to re-schedule that appointment and was told that I have to make an appointment with personal trainer (1/2hr) and be charged $40 for it 😯  Apparently thats what they do now.  The girl who originally made appointment wasn’t aware of that so had I turned up, I probably would have been charged to get a new program done.  I find this amazing.  In all my years of gym, it has always been a part of your membership to have ongoing re-assessments and new programs written up.  I would be really interested to hear from others who have gym memberships and what the go is.  Is this a sign of the times?  The funny thing is I have been thinking about changing gyms on and off over the last 4-6months as I am thinking I would like to have use of pool but there are a few pro’s for staying put, the main reason being 3 year old enjoys the creche and I can always get him in at a drop of a hat.  One of the other reasons I was thinking of changing is that my experience when asking for a program to cater to my running, the gym instructors/personal trainers aren’t always tuned in to this which then leads me to look up my own exercise 🙄  If I have to start paying to have new programs written up, they would definitely want to make sure that it will in fact compliment my running 😆   

Comments on: "A Sign of the Times?" (6)

  1. I am at Finance (Fitness ) First and I get nothing in the way of personal sessions- at the start I think I did but that was ages ago now- I just design my own program and cross my fingers too. I am leaving once this contract is up. The creche sounds like it would be hard to replace though.

  2. my gym does programs I think as part of it(YMCA) but i never go cos i just follow my own program..gym instructors often give you way more exercises to do than you need to..especially as you run as well
    although i might go and get the calliper test skin fold done..even though i HATE it..just makes me feel like a fatty boombah

  3. Sekhmet said:

    Fitness First by any chance? They only have personal trainers so you get charged. I think it’s a bloody rip off, why should you have to pay? Geez, I’m a qualified gym instructor so if you want a program for free I’m happy to write one for you

  4. At my local gym, they charged me for a program but I’m not a member, just use it casually and it was $8 so I didn’t mind.

    Fitness First are a rip – I had to pay for a personal trainer to get a program done and she really pushed for me to do multiple sessions rather than just write a program I could do on my own – like i need to pay to have a ‘friend’ exercise with me.

  5. My local gym had free assessments and programs but I ended up spitting the dummy and leaving because they didn’t want to believe that I went running and kept insisting on putting cardio in my program even when I requested that they didn’t.

    So I wouldn’t do the program and then I would get lectured. So I ended up getting so annoyed that I junked the rest of my membership. I have actually decided to do the “buy your own weights and get a trusted personal trainer friend to do program for you” path.

  6. LEAVE – that is outrageous, no way should they charge you for program updates!!!

    I am sure if you hunt around you will find something that will suit you. Maybe look at the website for you council and find something like a community centre. As an example the city of whitehorse has 2 aquatic centres (called Aqualink), that also have gyms and both have creches. Currently I am just an “aquatic member”, however when I had a gym membership there I was 100% happy, they also tailored my program (with free updates) to my running. Also there was more of a community atmosphere, lot’s of kids and families about and very few posers (well, there are always a couple at every gym aren’t there)

    Just my 2 cents

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