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exercise: home
40 minutes Spin bike (alt. 2min riding/2min standing riding)

Went to the gym this morning and hit a snag……. my pesky three year old wasn’t having a bar of it 😯  I could not get him into the creche, I even tried to bribe him with jelly beans that they have at the front desk!  So we ended up coming straight home 😦  Now to say I was a bit peeved is an understatement as I had planned an hours cardio session but what can you do??  So plan 2 popped into my head, I would jump onto my Spin bike at home when able.  That happened around 2pm and I was only able to do 40 minutes before I had to start next lot of chores, better than nothing I guess 🙄

Em, I had just checked out my local Leisure Centre gym just before I read your comment in my last post.  I was a member of this gym yonks ago and although I loved it, it was a bit pokey.  Well I knew that renovations were happening there which is why I had been contemplating checking it out again.  I still really missed the pool and figured if gym area was better it would maybe be worth swapping back.  I think I am going to do it!  I was impressed with the new gym area, it is so much better than before 🙂  It is almost $20 cheaper a month, have access to all facilities and they don’t charge for re-assessments of gym program, woo hoo, a dream come true!  The other real seller for me is I can attend 2 Spin classes a week and it is the same instructor that takes the class at Fernwood where I am now.  She is awesome and I can’t always get to her class as it is on a Tuesday morning (10.30am) which is usually my running morning.  At the leisure centre the Spin classes are on Monday and Wednesdays at 9.30am which suits me so much better 😀

The only thing that is nagging me of course is taking 3 year old away from Ferwoods creche because he is so settled there. Having said that, I think after today’s performance, the pesky 3 year old will just have to go with the flow 😆


Comments on: "Gym Swap on the Horizon" (1)

  1. Gotta love a determined 3 year old! Good work for persevering and exercising at home.

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