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Shocker of a Run


exercise:  easy run

10 min brisk walk

21 minute disgusting run

15 min walk home

I picked up my orthotics from Pod first thing this morning and hit the streets for a 30 minute easy run around 11am.  OMG!!  It was disgusting.  I only lasted 15mins and then had a walk break, and then only lasted another 6 minutes 😳  My legs felt like lead balloons.  They were so heavy and the new adjustments on orthotics felt positively weird.  I think it is safe for me to say I am an imposter in the runnning world.  Am I ever going to feel fit and strong when I run??  Sometimes I feel as though with my running, I take two steps forward and hundred steps back.  I can’t seem to get momentum from day to day.   I guess I will have to ease the orthotics in but not sure why my legs didn’t feel “fresher”.  I haven’t run since last Saturday. 

My Polar is screaming at me “16 days” to go for Run to G but I don’t think I will be up to running 10 straight kms which is a bit disappointing.  I will probably have to settle for a walk/run 😦   I checked out what time the 5km was on as I probably won’t feel like such a loser runing 5 straight km’s as I sure I can do that but the 10am starting time is better for me.  I plan on “trying to run” again on either Sunday or Monday.  My regime calls for a 45 minute easy run but after today’s shocker I will see what happens on the day! 


Well I have written the email to cancel the gym membership, just have to get the courage to send it, you know how sometimes it is hard to change things when you are in a comfort zone 😆  Everything in my brain is telling me to cancel it as I know it will be much better for me but then it turn’s on me and says your comfortable where you are, stay and don’t change things.  Don’t you just hate self talk sometimes??


Comments on: "Shocker of a Run" (6)

  1. Hope the orthotics get better Lee- you don’t want them to the reason that you hate running when they should be the reason that running is fun again. The 10km will be great for you- and I know you can do it- you ran the Run4Kids without a problem remember. Ignore all the negative self talk, one bad run is not related to the next run you have (I so hope that makes sense!)

  2. I agree with Sara – cut out the negative talk. And what is this impostor rot? As John Bingham says “To call yourself a runner, all you need to do is get out there and run”. I think it is probably normal for the first run in new orthotics to be a bit weird – I’m sure you’ll get used to them soon. If not have them checked out by the pod. Stick to the 10k – a 10k walk/run is better than a 5k run.

  3. Cancel the gym, it’s not like it’s unchangable. You can always rejoin.

    Hopefully you’ll get out for a great run on the weekend and change that attitude 😀

  4. Give yourself time to get used to the orthotics Lee. Maybe wear them walking around the house to get used to them.

    I agree with Andrew – run / walking 10 km is better than doing 5 km. I ran 10 km without stopping for the first time ever today, but I haven’t let it stop me from entering fun runs in the past. I figure, at least I’m out there, giving it a go.

    Hope you enjoy the new gym. Having the classes at a better time with an instructor you know you like is fantastic.

  5. Sue (hobbles) said:

    Sorry to hear about more orthotic problems. I am going to “treat” myself to a visit to the pods that Joey recommended for a 2nd opinion (might have to wait for tax rebate time!!), but a big part of me is saying, oh no what if it feels all weird again?? Good on you for getting out there and running. Full stop. Not many people in the world percentage-wise can run 21 mins. You can!

  6. celeste said:

    Had to laugh about the “imposter” comment! That’s how I feel. And I’m not even running!! Everyone posts how “bad” or how “slow” they are and my “best” and “fast” is STILL worse than them!!! I HATE that!!!!

    When you work out the secret to feeling great about comparing yourself to others – let me know!!! Don’t get me wrong – I am proud of what I have achieved, I just have sooooo far to go!

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