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I thought it was about time I posted as it seems a while now since last entry!  The whole family have been battling the winter blues, sore throats, snotty noses and racking coughs, so, I have done absolutely no exercise in any shape or form since my last run on Friday 1st, if thats what you could call it!  The good thing though, I feel as if I have broken in the adjustments on my orthtics so I am hoping my next run will go without a hitch 🙂 My plan is to go down to Albert Park probably on Monday and run 2 laps and see how I fare, fingers crossed.


I cancelled my Fernwood membership and I have to say it is with great sadness.  I actually loved going to this club and had it not been for the charging of the assesments I probably would have stayed put.  I have secretly been feeling that maybe I should have just paid but it is just the whole principle of the matter.  I joined the local Leisure Centre Gym (LCG) yesterday and it is definitely not as plush as Fernwood and without all the nice trimmings but I think it is time I got that silver spoon out of mouth and move on 😆   At the end of the day, running is my thing and gym is the icing on the cake not the other way around 😉

My first of three appointments is on Wednesday and this involves a health check, goal setting and intro to cardio equipment.  The 2nd appointment will be for a intro to resistance training equipment and stretching exercises and the 3rd appointment is to ensure correct technique, correct levels and additional program guidance.  You then can book in at 6 weeks for program update/review progress or re-assessment.  These appointments are with a personal trainer which is part of your membership and ongoing.  The other thing which actually made me think about Fernwood (sorry) but at the LCG when you are 45 and over you need to get a form filled in by Dr on your health to make sure it is safe for you to carry out exercises.  It actually made me think of all those women at Fernwood working out without ongoing assessments.  When I joined Ferwood, I didn’t even get my B/P or weight checked so it really feels as though it is all about the memberships and not the people training unless of course you pay extra but even then, they don’t do those 2 basic things.  Actually come to think of it, you probably do get your weight checked when you join Fernwoods Simplicity Weight Loss program, more bucks! 


Back to runnning, I am definitely doing Run 2 the G on Sunday 17th.  Now that I have taken the pressure of myself to do a sub 60 (I did 62mins for 10km Beat the Boat run), I am really looking forward to it.  Even though I have had the last week off with no running and my training hasn’t gone as planned, I am sure I can run his with a couple of 1minute walk breaks.  Hopefully it will be a beautiful morning for a leisurely run 😀  

Comments on: "Taking Stock……Again" (7)

  1. I’ve often wondered with gyms what kind of liability they have if you get injured. At fitness first, they give you a basic orientation then you’re on your own but i bet somewhere in all that paperwork they make you sign, you give up any rights to sue them.

    Good luck for the run to the g.

  2. Sekhmet said:

    That’s interesting, when I worked at “FemFresh” it was all part of the process to do blood pressure, weight, BF% and measurements plus the free gym program every 8 weeks. I’m saddened but not surprised that they are charging for it now – one of the things I was sorely disappointed by was the fact it was all about making money for the club and following their “step by step” rules to program writing rather than using your own imagination (and training of course). We had to discourage the laydees from using free weights because they wanted members to pay for personal trainers (and that was the PT area – I’m sure you would have noticed that people doing PT seemed to all be doing the same thing too….)

    Very sad but even though the local leisure centre may be a bit less “nice” you’ll get much more value for money from them. My old LCG was a bit scungy but I loved it, the staff were great and they had all the facilities I needed without being locked into 12 month contracts or any of that crap. You could also pay for casual sessions or get multi passes

    Ah, *gets down off soap box*

    Give me a good old YMCA leisure centre any day 😉

  3. im with the YMCA and i think theyre very good..although i generally do my own programs anyway… i think taking the time pressure off yourself is definitely the way to go..just enjoy the run..maybe dont EVEN wear a watch on the day?

  4. I just rejoined Fernwood and I got my weight and measurements done at the induction. They also had a BP thingy that I put on my wrist, but the young girly I had couldn’t work it so just asked me if my BP was normal 😯

    I don’t have to pay for any extra assessments, just book in to have one done when I want to. (well that’s what I was told anyway). I’ll see what happens when I do my next one. If they want to charge me for it, I’ll be the first to tell them where to get off 🙂

    Good luck for next Sunday Lee

  5. I love going to my leisure centre, even though I moan about all the kiddies, there is a lovely lively atmosphere there.

    Though I will be happy to be better again and never step foot in the place again 😆

  6. I hate my corporate money making gym too. Looking forward to Run2G on Sunday as well- we might have to pace each other because I want to go under an hour as well. Take it easy this week.

  7. Good to see you are keen to run around Albert Park Lake. You should checkout a neat website – MyRunTimes.com. It has Albert Park Lake configured as a running track, for 1, 2 or 3 laps. You simply register, pick Albert Park as a track and then record your times. You can get some useful reports and it really does help your motivation to have a journal of your running times.


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