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Running Goals


Still haven’t ran and I think I may have to wait now until tomorrow, oh well, such is life.  I decided if I wasn’t running I could invest some of that energy into setting some running goals.  I vaguely remember saying something along the lines of once I had done R4K, I would work on consolidating my 10km runs.  I got caught up in the hype of running the half in October thinking its only 6kms more than R4K, blah, blah, blah 🙄 I am not saying I am not going to do it, I am just saying that now I am going to concentrate on the 10km runs and when the Samsung Melbourne Marathon comes around, if I am not ready I will do the 10km.  I have a sneaky feeling I will in fact be doing the 10km in view of the fact that it just seems impossible to string my training consistently together 👿  

So, I have picked the races, they are: 

17th June  –  Run to the G 10km

5th Aug  –  Queen of the Lake 10km, loved this race last year 🙂 , although I only did the 5km

16th Sep  –  Spring into Shape 8km

7th Oct  –  Melbourne Marathon 10km, I am pretty sure it will be the 10km 🙄

25th Nov  –  Spring into Shape 8km

Now that should keep me busy and hopefully I will be able to run a strong 10km by the end of the year 🙂


Comments on: "Running Goals" (3)

  1. celeste said:

    The way I look at it is that it is better to run 10km, and run it well and consistently, than not to be running at all.

    10km is not a shabby distance.

  2. It sounds to me as though you’ll enjoy your running more if you focus on 10 km, so I say “go for it”.

    Enjoy Run2G on Sunday. I’ll be there too, running along behind you. I’m hoping to finish inside 70 mins.

  3. Good goals Lee, as the others have said don’t get hung up on not running the HM in October – to be honest I’m seriously reconsidering my “full marathon” goal too.

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