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Not too sure about my Run 2 the G on Sunday.  Still have a slight cold/cough but definitely 100% on what I was but the fact that I haven’t really done any training in the last two weeks is not leaving me feeling pretty confident at all.  I had decided to just enjoy the day and walk/run as best I can but it is going to be 14 degree’s and showers.  Now normally this would not bother me at all but because I am treating it as a “Life Be In It” run I would prefer some sunshine 😆   I think I have talked RJ into joining me in my “Life Be In It” run but I would not be surprised come Sunday she will be a no show.  Even though she agreed, it wasn’t a very confident yes and I don’t blame her really as I feel exactly the same!


Any doubts I had about changing gyms has gone completely out of the window.  I had my first assessment on Wednesday and the personal trainer I had went above and beyond my expectations.  She weighed, measured my height, measured my bod, took the pulse, BP and did the fat % thingy.  My consult was an hour with no short cuts.  I came out of there feeling very happy and excited.  She was very pleased with my cardo fitness after 10min test on bike which was a relief to me as towards the end I was huffing and puffing.  We then discussed what I wanted to achieve and she wrote out my program for me.  My next appointment is on Tuesday and that is to go through all my exercises.  When I finished my appointment, I jumped on the tready and did a 30minute run, did walk for a couple of minutes around the 20 minute mark as I was all huffy and puffy again and then finished it off.  Felt not to bad at the time but later in the afternoon I did have to lie down for a bit as I felt really off colour 😳   I can’t wait to feel competely back to normal and get back into a proper exercise routine. 


Comments on: "“Life Be In It” run, I think….." (5)

  1. great news! always good when you find a gym that makes you happy 🙂

  2. Good luck for tomorrow Lee- and I am so glad you have no regrets about the switch.

  3. Enjoy your run tomorrow lee, just take it easy and enjoy yourself.

    Glad you had a positive experience at the gym, the set up sounds very similar to the Community Centre gym I was at a few years ago, very thorough.

  4. Good luck tomorrow. Sounds like you got a good personal trainer – hope you enjoy the program.

  5. So glad you have found a great gym. Having a program that matches your goals, and trainers that know what they are doing makes a world of difference. Hope the 10k tomorrow is very enjoyable – and I agree about the sunshine.

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