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What an absolutely fabulous morning it was for running and with all my umming and ahhing over the Run 2 G this morning, I ended up being a no show 😳    Now in my defence, I was dressed, psyched and ready to go but due to family issues which I won’t bore you with, the pin was more or less pulled from me and I was put in the position of having to decide not to go.  Initially I was so disappointed and then the rationalisations came flooding in…. well, you haven’t really ran over the last two weeks, the last time you did a decent distance was R4K 😳 , you have got new adjustments on your orthotics which you haven’t really worn in properly, need I go on 😆   So although I was disappointed, it is not the end of the world and maybe a blessing in disguise 😉 , aahhh you gotta love rationalisation!  I now have my eyes firmly set on the Queen of the Lake 10km at Albert Park Lake on the 6th August and I start training tomorrow!


Comments on: "Isn’t Rationalisation Just Great!" (4)

  1. I missed you this morning but I am so sorry that you couldnt make it- remember I can babysit and drive you to the Queen of the Lake if necessary!

  2. that sounds like a good plan lee.. get in some good consistent running and you will enjoy the race much better.

  3. Bummer about the run. Good luck for the QotL and getting all the training in beforehand.

  4. Family comes first doesn’t it Lee, it has to be that way. When you get to my age and the kids are grown up a bit, it gets easier 🙂

    Love the rationalising too !

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