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Blinking Feet!

Exercise:  gym

30 minute Tready run



I had my 2nd appointment at gym this morning to go through my program.  I came that close to cancelling it as I was feeling headachey and tired but decided in the end it would be too much hassle to change it.  So I soldiered on and was glad I kept it as it only took 20 minutes.  I decided while I was there that I would try and run on tready and see how the head held up.  I ended up doing a 30 minute run with walk breaks so I was happy with that.  I think I am on the tail end of this bug that I have had as last night was the first night my sore throat didn’t bother me too much.  I have had this blessed thing for 2 weeks!! 


Not that much to ramble about really.  I think I have lost my mojo abit with the outdoor running.  I am beginning to think my feet aren’t made for it.  How long does it take before the orthotic’s are perfected???  I think that is why I haven’t really attempted to run outside as I don’t want to start building up again only to have to stop again because of niggles.  I have had my orthotics in my runners religiously everyday and have done quite a bit of walking in them over that time and I can tell they are not right.  It is very frustrating!!  Maybe I should just bite the bullet, get outside and see what happens 🙄

Once again I came away from gym feeling happy with the change.  The equipment is even better than what I was using at Fernwood.  Quite amazing really when you think of the difference in cost.  I just have to get my pesky three year old to go happily into the creche.  I have a session booked for Friday so fingers crossed 😆  

Comments on: "Blinking Feet!" (5)

  1. I am a massive fan of a combination of bribes and threats- to get the 3yo to creche- and to get you out running in the wild!

  2. I think the crappy weather has a lot to do with the loss of mojo for running outside. I think we all like running in the rain, but when it is so miserably cold and windy as well it makes it tough to get out the door. Glad you are enjoying the gym – that is a most suitable winter replacement and somewhere I need to visit more often!

  3. I’m glad you’re enjoying the gym and that you’re getting over the bug you’ve had. The treadmill is great for those cold days. You’ll get your outdoor running mojo back when the weather improves. In the meantime, enjoy the gym. Good luck with your three year old.

  4. Did I mention “enjoy the gym”? Sorry, I should have checked it before I submitted it. LOL

  5. Sorry to hear the outdoor Mojo has departed, but don’t worry Lee… the gym (and tready) will keep your fitness up, and you’ll get back out there when you’re ready 🙂

    Hope the orthotics do get sorted soon, I’m not surprised you’re frustrated, it’s been a long old process, but I am sure you’ll get there.

    And don’t forget, post-bug you’ll always feel more blah than normal, so treat yourself gently and don’t beat yourself up too much.

    Big hugs Lee,

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