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The Great Outdoors

exercise:  gym

50 minutes x-training (20 x-trainer, 20min brisk walk on tready and 10min rower)

I wasn’t sure I was going to get to the gym today even though I really wanted to go.  My 3 year old was digging his heels in and not wanting to go 😦   I sort of knew this was going to happen after yesterday’s incident.  I just only hope I can get him back there next week.  Anyway, DH came to the rescue and let me escape to the gym for a couple of hours thankfully 😀  I am on a quest to lose some of this weight I have put on!!  

I so wanted to run again on the tready and had to really hold myself back.  I can’t wait to run outdoors on the week-end and I may just head down to the Sri Chinmoy event on Sunday down at Como Landing if I can swing it.  I would really like to run the 7km event.  Not sure if running 7km’s at this stage of my comeback is very clever but I have an overwhelming desire to do it, so I am going it give it my best to get there 😆


Comments on: "The Great Outdoors" (3)

  1. The 7km shouldn’t be a problem, just take it easy and listen to your body! Good luck, hope you can make it down there!

  2. Give the 7km a go- and if it starts to hurt then you have to stop- no pushing on regardless. Let me know if you need a lift or a babysitter!

  3. celeste said:

    I know what it is to look forward to the treadmill! It consumes my thoughts during the day – that in the afternoon I get to run for five minutes! Sad.

    Go along to the 7km. Just another way of keeping the motivation high!

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