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Fabulous, Fabulous Run


Was unable to swing the Sri Chinmoy event yesterday but I did meet up with RJ just after 9am at the the Tan 🙂   It was absolutely freezing but a beautiful morning for running 😀   We started with a very brisk walk along the Tan to warm up and then started running across the Morrel Bridge and completed a loop.  We then continued down Alexander Ave going towards Punt Road and then looped back to the Tan where we were parked.  It was a fabulous, fabulous 40 minute run.  When we finished stretching we headed off to the Children’s Playground Cafe for a latte and we shared a berry muffin, it was the perfect finish to our morning run 😀   I could really get use to doing that every Sunday that’s for sure, it was great.  I had happy hormones floating around the entire day!


Back to reality when I got home and both our boy’s started hounding us to go and see the new Shrek movie.  After we got lunch out of the way we headed to the 2:30pm session.  I was very relieved that my three year old sat relatively still.  He usually tears around the cinema and we get shusshed left right and centre as I tear around calling him in a stern whisper 😳  I think it was because we went a little later than normal so he was konking out of steam.  Yay for us because we got to watch the entire film for a change 😀

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  1. Woohoo for a fantastic run. I’m sure there are many more to come.

    I’m usually one of those people giving dirty looks to ppl with kids at the movies but when it’s a film like Shrek, you’ve got to expect it.

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