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Exercise:  tready run  

10 minute brisk walk

40 minute run

10 minute cool down 


Hate to say this but I had the opportunity to go for an outdoor run today but I chose the tready at gym!  I just didn’t want to pound my feet on concrete doing a local street run.  If I had a little more time up my sleeve I would have driven to Princes Park but I didn’t so the tready it was.

It was a great run and I felt good while doing it 😀   My average heart rate was 130bpm which reminds me, I must look up the McMillan Running Calculator for paces.  I am following a regime but I need to know where I should be with the runs.  Although I still have the slight niggles they are not getting worse.  I am going to give myself this week and towards the end of next week before I go back to Pod to get checked out.

I had intended to go to gym tomorrow to do weights and spin but I have a Parent/Teacher meeting which I had forgotten about.  This means my nine year old will be home from school so I will have to contend with both, pesky 3 year old and the 9 year old 🙄    


OMG, I’ve been tagged!!  I am so excited about this!  I have never been tagged before!  I know, I lead a sad life 😳   Thanks Jaykay 😆   I will have to come back and do this later as I have to go and pick up my son from school 🙄


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  1. I am such a loser- can’t believe I offered to help babysit etc so you could run in an event that was already over! Offer still stands for Princes Park!

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