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I was tagged and here are my one word response answers:

  • Where is your cell phone?  Kitchen
  • Relationship?  challenging
  • Your hair?  boring
  • Work?  Slave 😆
  • Your sister?  Perth 😦
  • Your favourite thing? Laptop
  • Your dream last night?  cryotherapy
  • Your favourite drink?  Champagne
  • Your dream car?  VW
  • The room your in?  Dining
  • Your shoes?  runners
  • Your fears?  terminal illness
  • What do you want to be in 10yrs?  alive
  • Who did you hang out with on the week-end?  family
  • What are you not good at?  singing
  • Muffin?  top 😦
  • Wish list item?  own car
  • Where did you grow up?  Perth
  • The last thing you did?  school interview
  • What are you wearing?  tracksuit
  • What are you not wearing?  watch
  • Your pet?  none
  • Your computer?  escape
  • Your life?  exhausting
  • Your mood?  content
  • Missing?  family
  • What are you thinking about?  stomach 
  • Your car?  old
  • Your kitchen?  new
  • Your summer?  hot
  • Favourite color?  none
  • Last time you laughed?  today
  • Last time you cried?  fortnight ago
  • School?  memories 🙂
  • Love?  sons

There is no one else left in blog land that I can tag so I will leave it at that.  I could tag a complete stranger but thats a bit embarrassing 😆


Comments on: "Answers…" (2)

  1. I am driving a VW Passat that work has leant me while my car is off the road. Not all that great to be honest, prefer my Ford!

  2. ” Your life? exhausting
    Your mood? content”

    That is the bit that says it all- you work so hard but you are still content. A great read.

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