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Street Run

exercise:  easy street run

10 minute brisk walk

40 minute run

10 minute cool-down walk


Once again I didn’t really have the time to head to Princes Park for my run but I really wanted to run outside today, so I settled on a local street run.  Started with a 10 minute brisk walk and I couldn’t wait to start running as it was a little nippy.  Around the 30 minute mark of running, my sciatica started to twinge a bit but I ignored it and finished my planned 40 minutes.  It started to rain at the 38 minute mark and it was absolutely beautiful.  I finished my 10 minute cool down and it was still sprinkling when I got home.  Had a good stretch on the front verandah and then jumped into a hot shower 🙂  Really enjoyed running outside again and hope to run on the week-end, maybe down the Tan or at Albert Park Lake.  


The school holidays start next week and I am really hoping to be able to keep doing my 3 runs a week.  I usually have to give the gym a miss over holidays but I will be very happy if I can continue with my running.  My 3 year old hasn’t been back to creche since “the incident” so I have had to rely on DH to babysit when he gets home from work in the morning.  Not only do I feel guilty about that, it also means that I can’t exercise until later in the morning which I don’t like to do.  I like to get my exercise out of the way early because it then leaves me plenty of time to do the things I should be doing around the house 🙄

P.S  Andrew, my dream car is actually the new VW beetle 😆  I wanted one when I got my first car but my Dad would not let me get a one.  He use to say, he could work on any car except that one so it became an unfulfilled dream for me 😦  I know I am probably too old for that kind of car now but they are so cute, especially the convertable ones!  Maybe a more fitting car for my age group would be a BMW convertable 😆

Comments on: "Street Run" (3)

  1. celeste said:

    Yesterday I did my stretching IN the shower!! Horrific waste of water but it was more about getting warm than anything else. I must say it sounds like your runing is going really well at the moment, despite the few niggles!!!

  2. A hot shower is the best after a cold run – I did the same on rainy Wednesday! 🙂 it feels so good when all the feeling returns to the paws 🙂

    Hope you do get that outdoor run at the weekend 🙂


  3. Never say you are too old – for anything. I think the new Beetles are pretty sexy too – but I still want my Mini.

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