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RJ Throws a Spanner in the Works

Thursday 26th

exercise:  Spin Bike (home)

5 min warm-up

40 min running riding (2min sitting / 3min running riding)

abrupt cool down due to pesky 3 year old but we did do a good stretching session together 😆  

Friday 27th

exercise:  long run 😯

5 minute brisk walk

1 hour 10 minutes running (Albert Park Lake)

10 minute cool down walk


This was never going to be a good run for me due to the fact that this run was suppose to be run on Sunday (29th).  RJ sent me an sms on Thursday afternoon requesting to do Sunday’s long run on Friday instead of the Sunday as she wanted to attend son’s second last footy match and do canteen duty, pmsl at the canteen duty!!  She knew it would throw a complete spanner in the works for me as I am a stickler for schedules and I have to say, I shook my head a few thousand times before replying that did she know it was Friday and we are due to do a 40 minute run 🙄   Anyway, an hour later and a long chat on the phone it was decided that we would do it. 

After battling the traffic for almost an hour to get to Albert Park Lake, I got out of the car and it was windy and cold 👿   After a quick warm-up, we set off.  I was feeling pretty good and when I checked my watch I found we had already ran for 20minutes and started to feel optimistic about this “unscheduled” run.  In the next 10 minutes RJ started complaining about a tight calf and it wasn’t soon after that when I thought to myself, “there is no way I am going to be able to complete an hour and ten minutes today”!!  A lot of whinging was going back and forth after that but we did complete it although we had one walk break and a stretch stop.  We both struggled today 😦     

For me I think the problem was 1) wrong day and I just wasn’t in the right head space, 2) it was flipping windy and 3) maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea to do a long run after yesterdays bike session??  I wouldn’t have done such a full on bike session had I known we were going to do the long run.  It was the first time in a long while I have been on the bike and I probably would have held back a bit.  Also, according to “program” rest or x-training was sceduled on Thursday with only a 40 minute run on the Friday.  I know I would have felt great stopping at 40 minutes today.  So once again I live and learn.  I have a sneaky feeling I may be a little stiff and sore for the next couple of days and of course, I am going to blame RJ entirely if I am 😆        


Finding the Equalibrium


Sunday 22nd

Easy run Albert Park Lake

10min brisk walk

1 hour run

10 min cool-down walk

I repeated the hour run as RJ missed the week before and I figured it can only be good to repeat.  It does put me 10minutes behind weekly schedule but I will make that up.  It was a really nice run and the morning was beautiful.  Couldn’t stay for coffee as I think Hubby is getting a bit peed off with me galavanting around the country side so I thought I would get back quick smart and smooth his feathers 🙄

Tuesday 24th

Gym:  tready run/upper weights/core

10 minute brisk walk

30 min run (8.33km-10km/hr)

10 minute cool down walk

Today on tready I decided to alter speed of tready every now and then.  No pattern really but I did want to finish on a faster pace which I did.  I find running same speed on tready excrutiating.  It just seems so much harder at the lower speed for some reason??  I then started to do my lower weights but when I got on the leg press my left knee was protesting so I abandoned that plan and ended up only doing upper weights and core. 


I am still trying to work out fitting in my x-training, weights and spin class as my 3 year old still won’t go into the creche, the big party pooper!!  I think that is why Hubby is feeling it a bit because he is having to look after him a bit more and lets face it, after working during the night, the last thing you want to contend with is a pesky three year old who seems to be getting more stubborn with each passing day.  Doesn’t he know he has a Dad who wants to rest after work and a Mum who wants to work-out because she is trying to become an elite runner 😆  

So it has got me thinking until we can sort him out, as long as I get outside to do my three runs a week and utilise the spin bike/weights at home might be the way to go.  It is just so annoying as I was so excited about joining new gym and even being there today made me realise how much I miss it.  Oh well, there’s always next year when we pack him off to 4 year old kinder but then of course I will be back in the work force which I am looking forward to but then I will have less hours to do exercise!  Is there ever an equalibrium in life???

Stetching to James

exercise:  street run

5 minute brisk walk, scrimped today 😳

40 minute run

5 minute cool down walk


It was cold again when I set off just after 10am and 5 minutes into warm-up walk it started to rain which prompted me to start running.  I really like doing my 10 minute walk before warming up as I think it really helps with my run but because it started to rain, I just wanted to get started. 

It was a good run although the last 7 minutes I felt as though I was running out of steam.  I had to slow myself down alot today which is why I think I felt like that.  I also tackled a few hills.  I had a bit of knee pain coming down one of the hills and had to walk down it.  Once I got back on the flat surface, knee was fine.  My maximum pace today was 4:37min/km and average was 6:20min/km.  Not sure which fire I was running from but that would explain some of the huffing and puffing going on today 😆

I know alot of people hate James Blunts’ song, Good-bye My Lover but I am a bit of a suck and I really like the words.  Well today, that came on in time for my stretching and I ended up having the best darn stretching session and I stretched to the entire song, how good is that!  I probably should go looking for it post runs all the time, although after a few listens I will probably be face down pounding my fists on the ground 😆


I have been trying to work out whether it is ok to do my weight program and a Spin class in conjunction with my running.  I run on Tuesday, Thursday and long run on Sunday.  According to my program I will be starting speed sessions in the next few weeks which will be on the Tuesday so I am trying to get my head around the other things I want to do.  I need to do one x-training session according to program so I am not sure by doing weights and spin whether that will work out to be to much.  I haven’t felt this confident with my running, if ever, so I just don’t want to rock the boat!!

For the Runner’s World “Run it Off” challenge, I just have to get my pre-photo organised and hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  I am a little mortified at having to do that not that I think I am going to win anything as pre-photos are only published if you win something.  I have to say it has motivated me again to get back into swing and I have been really good the last two days, lets hope it stays that way 🙂

Time to get Serious……again

exercise:  running

10 minute brisk walk

30 minute tready run

10 minute cool-down walk


Its funny with running, how day to day the way you feel about it is different.  I loved Sunday’s hour run but today was a slog!  I struggled for the first 20 minutes and then the last 10min felt better.  It may have been the pace I was going as I had the tready set on a 7:15 pace/km and in the last 10 minutes I upped it and it felt so much better.  I actually set it on the slower pace as I was feeling a little sore from the Sunday run and I thought that might be better to take it a little easier.  Anyway 30 minutes all up and another run under my belt 🙂  


Well, I have been getting really frustrated with myself lately due to the fact that my waistline is ever expanding.  After reading Kathryn’s blog about the Runner’s World “Run it Off” challenge, I decided to email my interest and after a chat today with Lisa, have decided to participate.  I weighed myself this afternoon and I am mortified at my weight!!  How the hell did that happen, yeah like I don’t know, I keep blaming it on the July conspiracy thing 😆   Anyway it is time to be accountable and get this bod well and truly prepared for the Melbourne Half Marathon, no excuses!!


One Hour

exercise:  running

10 minute brisk walk

1 hour running

10 minute cool-down walk


Was originally going to meet RJ down at the Tan this morning for our our weekly Sunday run but she decided this morning for a number of reasons not to run.  I toyed with the idea of running at Albert Park Lake but then decided to go to Princes Park because it is closer to home.  On the way there, I remembered that there was a Sri Chinmoy event on and started stressing about parking.  With some quick calculations I decided that it shouldn’t be too bad as I was going to get there just before 10.30am and figured some participants would have probably left.  So I parked easily and started my 10 minute warm-up and it wasn’t long before I heard my name being called and turned around and it was Andrew slogging out the last couple of km’s of the 30 that he was doing 😯   Had some quick words and set off again.  Did a lap of PP and had good look for Sara and JoJo but couldn’t see them anywhere and figured they must have left which was disappointing as I wanted to say hello and find out how they went.  Anyway, I noticed Andrew again heading off home after finishing his event and we had another chat while walking.  Well done, Andrew on finishing that awesome distance, looking forward to reading your race report  😀   

I continued my run as I still had another 40minutes to go.  I know I have said this before but I find it really hard to slow down on the long run and have to keep pulling myself up, not that I am a speedy gonzallas or anything 😆   I was suppose to stay within 7:26 – 8:03m/km pace and I ended up, according to Polar, average pace of 6:50 and maximum pace of 5:18m/km.  I guess I need to work on that.  I felt pretty good while running but I was a bit tight in the quads and in hindsite probably should have had some stretch stops.


Caught up with RJ and family yesteday, and I am afraid RJ and I were very naughty  😳   We haven’t done this in a trillion years but we bought ourselves a bottle of wine, set up an awesome cheese board and dips etc and proceeded to eat and drink the whole lot!!  It didn’t stop there, later for dinner we ordered pizza and chips in for all of us and then for desert we had Tim Tams and those Mint Chocolate biscuits with coffee.  Needless to say by the time RJ’s family left, we were both feeling ill 😆   There was no way in hell I was going to miss my run today because I definitely needed to try and redeem myself a little.  I can only imagine how RJ is feeling today!!

Albert Park Lake

exercise:  run

10 minute brisk walk

30 minute run

10 minute cool-down walk


Very lucky today as I was able to run down at Albert Park Lake.  Such a beautiful morning even though it was a little foggy and cold.  When I initially got out of the car I thought I had rocks in my head but once I started my walk, I was very glad I was there 😀  

I felt quite strong running today and my average pace was 6:32min/km and maximum pace was 5:36min/km.  When I checked the McMillan Running Calculator that puts me in the tempo run range so I was happy with that.  My shoes felt great today and touch wood, I think these are going to be much better for me.  I had to cancel Physio appointment which was to be tomorrow but I had forgotten it was school holidays when I made appointment so it will have to wait.  Have to say though my sciatica was very minimal while running today so maybe the Brooks shoes are woking better in conjunction with orthotics now.  Yesterday when I put my Asics on just to walk around in, there was definitely alot of slipping around at the back of shoe so I swapped back to the Brooks.  A bit annoying as I have 2 pairs of Asics that I am now reluctant to wear even for walking 👿  

Pacing Ourselves

exercise:  easy run  

10 minutes brisk walk

50min run

10 minute cool down walk


Met RJ down at the Tan as planned and we did our planned 50 minute run.  We started off and I thought to myself 50 minutes yikes, but once I got into the rhythm it was a good run.  We only covered about 7km and our average pace was about 7min/km.  Our maximun pace was 5:42min/km 😳   According to McMillan Running Calculator we should have been running slower than the 7min/km but it felt too slow, so we continued with what we were doing.  I really like using the MRC as a guide because I do tend to zip along and then get puffed 🙄

Sciatica started twinging at around 20min mark which it always does but otherwise all was ok.  Since swapping over to my new Brooks shoes, I have had few new niggles, nothing that stops me running but there nevertheless.  Really looking forward to Physio appoinment on Wednesday to see if she can help me sort out a few of them.

It was really busy out on the roads this morning due to a few events going on.  Not sure what but when I rocked up just after 9am, Swan Street turn off was so banked up I ended up continuing down Punt and turning further down to get to Alexandra Ave, and the parking was filling up quickly.  My hubby was going to the foot-ball with his brother and all the kids, except for our pesky 3 year old, so I didn’t stay for coffee as I thought it was best he took off as soon as possible.  Had I known they were going to the footy, they only decided last night, I probably could have organised with my Mother-in-Law to look after my 3 year old and attended the Ausrun outing.  Spewing!!!!!  Hopefully there will be another one I can get too as I really wanted to go 😦   I am sure all the girls will be having a blast 😀

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