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Water Issues


Met RJ down the Tan again this morning and we repeated a 40 minute easy run.  I struggled a little bit with cardio side of things today which I think was due to being a bit tired and dehydrated.  I really need to address my water drinking in the winter as I drink absolutely zilch!  Even now since being home, none has passed my lips 😳  

Next week according to training regime, I am to do a speed session but I think I will continue getting the km’s into the old legs.  The niggles are still around but don’t appear to be getting any worse.  I have seriously been thinking about going to the Physio or Massage Therapist to see if they can help with hip issue and sciatica.  I am still not sure if adjustments on orthotics are going to get rid of these pesky niggles.  I am really happy though that when I am running I am not in any pain or discomfort and as I said nothing seems to be getting worse so I feel thats all good.

I have 4 weeks to go before the Queen of the Lake (10km) and I am really looking forward to it.  I have been thinking about my 10km Beat the Boat event and I am thinking that maybe the distance was not that accurate??  My Polar was playing up that day and although the time was more or less the same, I couldn’t check the distance.  My time for that event was 62:xx so I will definitely know when I do Queen of the Lake where I at with my 10km running as I am sure the course will be accurate. 


Comments on: "Water Issues" (4)

  1. its always nice to have someone to run with

  2. Do you like green tea or anything like that? I find it much easier to drink than cold water in winter. Another thing I do when I have water issues is buy some diet water cordial. There is a brand called Diet Rite at Coles that is okay.

    Hope you find someone good – I went to a great myotherapist in Northcote earlier this year. is that too far away? If not, I’ll send you the details.

  3. Hello,

    I am from Seattle, Wa. I am a runner who has been sidelined. The niggles for me turned into an evil plantar fasciitis. I have taken 9 weeks off after suffering for about 8 months.

    We are just starting to have good weather here in the states. I’m hoping to be back to running again in the next couple of weeks. I am in physical therapy right now.

    I recommend seeing your massage therapist or physical therapist to get to the bottom of your sciatica.

  4. Lee, I was going to suggest the green tea thing too, but I see Kathryn has beaten me to it. !

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