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Sometimes I just turn into a crazy woman!!  I was all dressed and ready for a run on Tuesday morning and next thing I find, I am in Active Feet and I have bought these 😯  I suppose I should explain this impulsive behaviour.  The Asics Gel Nimbus shoes that I bought and started running in at the beginning of 2007 had ripped on the insides at the back of heels on both sides, right side worse than left and they were starting to rub.  So I just intended to go down and see if that was “normal” as I haven’t done that many km’s in them.  Turns out that it does sometimes happen and because of my orthotics and the built up area on especially right side they were not fitting very well around the heel area, ho hum you live and learn 🙄  I guess I had to be happy with that as when I was originally fitted at AF it was only with the basic orthotic and not with adjustments on them.  The other pair of Gel Nimbus that I bought in Feb have just started to fray in the same area and I only walk in those.  If it is any consolation to myself, the new Brooks Glycerin 5, feel wonderful on, a very snug secure fit.  Was that a rationalisation?


So, I ended up running yesterday (Wed) and it was fabulous run.  A bit chilly when I set out but once I got into it, I loved every minute of it.  I did a 30 minute street run which included 2 laps of the Edwardes Park Lake.  It was so beautiful running around the lake at about 4.30ish.  It was really tranquil and fresh.  It has actually made me think I might try and get out at that hour a bit more.  I met the family back at the footy oval where I had left them and we then went and got KFC for dinner 😳   It is school hols at the moment so we are all over the shop.  I did only have one chicken strip, potato/gravy and peas, so it wasn’t too bad.  Have to say though, I loved every mouthful as I haven’t had that in ages, hmmmmm!

I have finally made an appointment next week with the Physio to get my hip and sciatica looked at.  Still not sure if this is the right person and maybe I should be going back to Pod???  When I saw myself walking on the tready at Active Feet, there is substantial improvement to my pronation thats for sure, in fact it all looked quite normal to me now.  Anyway, I will go and see what happens.  The way I have been throwing the money around, whats another visit to a running specialist 🙄  

P.S  Kathryn and Andrew, thanks for the green tea suggestion, I have a cup right next to me as I type 😀


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  1. celeste said:

    LOL Lee! It seems there have been a few people lately mentioning how crazy runners are! Wonderful feeling eh? I’m only a wannabe runner and I classify myself in the crazy category. And I’m not alone….

  2. the physio or sports doc is a good place to start for the sciatica i reckon… the sports doc got me sorted..and a full diagnosis

  3. Bummer about your old shoes. The new ones look pretty ace though.

    I forgot to mention – a squeeze of lemon in the green tea makes it even better.

  4. Never need to rationalise buying new runners to us guys Lee, we are all “running shoe lovers” too! Glad you are enjoying the green tea.

  5. Cool shoes, I am a Brooks devotee, seems my Pod is as well, she reckons they just about make the best shoes.

    Enjoy them 🙂

  6. I am a Brooks fan too (next time let me know before you buy because I have a little money saving lurk with Brooks) and I am updating next week! Woo hoo new shoes- it makes running so much more fun.

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