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Everyone is Happy

exercise:  tready run

10 minute brisk walk

30 minute run

10 minute cool-down walk


I arrived home with troops in tow after a day’s outing at about 4pm.  I was hoping to get out for a run before dark but it depended on hubby to get up in time as he was catching some zzzz’s after working last night.  When it hit about 5.30pm, I concluded there was not going to be a run today so I got the kids fed, bathed and into their pj’s.  Sometimes I get them organised early hoping they think it is later than it actually is and I can scoot them off to bed early 😆 It wasn’t long after that hubby surfaced but it was already dark and I am the biggest scaredy cat, I don’t like to run at night by myself.  I then got the idea that maybe I could quickly go to the gym.  Got the ok from the Boss and out the door I went 🙂

Very happy with my run tonight and I even got to watch a little bit of the news before I put my music on.  When I completed my 30 minutes I felt like I could have kept right on running but I did the right thing according to training program and started my 10 minute walking cool-down.  All in all, a very fulfilling day with everyone happy 😀   Have a 50 minute run planned for Sunday and I am meeting RJ down the Tan again for that.  It is becoming a nice little ritual for us and I love having a latte and sharing a muffin afterwards.    


Comments on: "Everyone is Happy" (2)

  1. A run around the tan and sharing a latte and muffin sounds like a divine way to start a Sunday!

  2. yeah im too much of a scaredy cat t o run at night!!! but thats cos i fall over 😉 i also bought a proper tready..just gave up gym membership for year-ish to pay for it..and did home gym

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