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Pacing Ourselves

exercise:  easy run  

10 minutes brisk walk

50min run

10 minute cool down walk


Met RJ down at the Tan as planned and we did our planned 50 minute run.  We started off and I thought to myself 50 minutes yikes, but once I got into the rhythm it was a good run.  We only covered about 7km and our average pace was about 7min/km.  Our maximun pace was 5:42min/km 😳   According to McMillan Running Calculator we should have been running slower than the 7min/km but it felt too slow, so we continued with what we were doing.  I really like using the MRC as a guide because I do tend to zip along and then get puffed 🙄

Sciatica started twinging at around 20min mark which it always does but otherwise all was ok.  Since swapping over to my new Brooks shoes, I have had few new niggles, nothing that stops me running but there nevertheless.  Really looking forward to Physio appoinment on Wednesday to see if she can help me sort out a few of them.

It was really busy out on the roads this morning due to a few events going on.  Not sure what but when I rocked up just after 9am, Swan Street turn off was so banked up I ended up continuing down Punt and turning further down to get to Alexandra Ave, and the parking was filling up quickly.  My hubby was going to the foot-ball with his brother and all the kids, except for our pesky 3 year old, so I didn’t stay for coffee as I thought it was best he took off as soon as possible.  Had I known they were going to the footy, they only decided last night, I probably could have organised with my Mother-in-Law to look after my 3 year old and attended the Ausrun outing.  Spewing!!!!!  Hopefully there will be another one I can get too as I really wanted to go 😦   I am sure all the girls will be having a blast 😀


Comments on: "Pacing Ourselves" (3)

  1. It sounds like you are having better luck with yours Brooks shoes than I am. I have only about 140km in my Brooks Trance pair and really avoid using them. I hope my new Sauconys are better!

  2. Wow Lee, sounds like things are really coming together – well done on the 50 mins. I find the long run pace from McMillan too slow as well, and even my best efforts to stay that slow fail, so I normally up it a wee bit too. But you’re right, it is a really good guide and since I’ve used it I’ve been running a lot better.

    Glad the new Brooks are working out! 🙂

  3. Never fear, I am sure there will be plenty more 🙂

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