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Albert Park Lake

exercise:  run

10 minute brisk walk

30 minute run

10 minute cool-down walk


Very lucky today as I was able to run down at Albert Park Lake.  Such a beautiful morning even though it was a little foggy and cold.  When I initially got out of the car I thought I had rocks in my head but once I started my walk, I was very glad I was there 😀  

I felt quite strong running today and my average pace was 6:32min/km and maximum pace was 5:36min/km.  When I checked the McMillan Running Calculator that puts me in the tempo run range so I was happy with that.  My shoes felt great today and touch wood, I think these are going to be much better for me.  I had to cancel Physio appointment which was to be tomorrow but I had forgotten it was school holidays when I made appointment so it will have to wait.  Have to say though my sciatica was very minimal while running today so maybe the Brooks shoes are woking better in conjunction with orthotics now.  Yesterday when I put my Asics on just to walk around in, there was definitely alot of slipping around at the back of shoe so I swapped back to the Brooks.  A bit annoying as I have 2 pairs of Asics that I am now reluctant to wear even for walking 👿  


Comments on: "Albert Park Lake" (5)

  1. Brooks do make great support shoes, I hope they prove to be winners for you, I love mine 🙂

  2. Kathryn said:

    Its frustrating isn’t it, running shoes cost so much! Great that you’ve been feeling so good with your runs though.

  3. You are scooting along right now- great pace!

  4. Albert Park is a lovely area – I’ve only run there once, but used to walk there a little bit. Glad the Brooks are proving successful.

  5. Sounds like the new shoes are working. I’m going to try some New Balance shoes that were designed for plantar fasciitis.

    I’m just getting back into running. I hope they work!

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