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One Hour

exercise:  running

10 minute brisk walk

1 hour running

10 minute cool-down walk


Was originally going to meet RJ down at the Tan this morning for our our weekly Sunday run but she decided this morning for a number of reasons not to run.  I toyed with the idea of running at Albert Park Lake but then decided to go to Princes Park because it is closer to home.  On the way there, I remembered that there was a Sri Chinmoy event on and started stressing about parking.  With some quick calculations I decided that it shouldn’t be too bad as I was going to get there just before 10.30am and figured some participants would have probably left.  So I parked easily and started my 10 minute warm-up and it wasn’t long before I heard my name being called and turned around and it was Andrew slogging out the last couple of km’s of the 30 that he was doing 😯   Had some quick words and set off again.  Did a lap of PP and had good look for Sara and JoJo but couldn’t see them anywhere and figured they must have left which was disappointing as I wanted to say hello and find out how they went.  Anyway, I noticed Andrew again heading off home after finishing his event and we had another chat while walking.  Well done, Andrew on finishing that awesome distance, looking forward to reading your race report  😀   

I continued my run as I still had another 40minutes to go.  I know I have said this before but I find it really hard to slow down on the long run and have to keep pulling myself up, not that I am a speedy gonzallas or anything 😆   I was suppose to stay within 7:26 – 8:03m/km pace and I ended up, according to Polar, average pace of 6:50 and maximum pace of 5:18m/km.  I guess I need to work on that.  I felt pretty good while running but I was a bit tight in the quads and in hindsite probably should have had some stretch stops.


Caught up with RJ and family yesteday, and I am afraid RJ and I were very naughty  😳   We haven’t done this in a trillion years but we bought ourselves a bottle of wine, set up an awesome cheese board and dips etc and proceeded to eat and drink the whole lot!!  It didn’t stop there, later for dinner we ordered pizza and chips in for all of us and then for desert we had Tim Tams and those Mint Chocolate biscuits with coffee.  Needless to say by the time RJ’s family left, we were both feeling ill 😆   There was no way in hell I was going to miss my run today because I definitely needed to try and redeem myself a little.  I can only imagine how RJ is feeling today!!


Comments on: "One Hour" (3)

  1. well done on the run.. would have been nice to catch up..but it was just to damn cold

  2. So you couldn’t keep to your slow pace, just like you said 🙂

    It was nice to catch up today.

    I can understand the temptation of the wine and cheese, they are the best combination I reckon!

  3. Sorry we missed you- but once I had cooled down I was freezing! Surely one night of glorious happy food consumption is not that bad for you and I read on theonion.com that July is “Let Yourself Go Month”!

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