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exercise:  running

10 minute brisk walk

30 minute tready run

10 minute cool-down walk


Its funny with running, how day to day the way you feel about it is different.  I loved Sunday’s hour run but today was a slog!  I struggled for the first 20 minutes and then the last 10min felt better.  It may have been the pace I was going as I had the tready set on a 7:15 pace/km and in the last 10 minutes I upped it and it felt so much better.  I actually set it on the slower pace as I was feeling a little sore from the Sunday run and I thought that might be better to take it a little easier.  Anyway 30 minutes all up and another run under my belt 🙂  


Well, I have been getting really frustrated with myself lately due to the fact that my waistline is ever expanding.  After reading Kathryn’s blog about the Runner’s World “Run it Off” challenge, I decided to email my interest and after a chat today with Lisa, have decided to participate.  I weighed myself this afternoon and I am mortified at my weight!!  How the hell did that happen, yeah like I don’t know, I keep blaming it on the July conspiracy thing 😆   Anyway it is time to be accountable and get this bod well and truly prepared for the Melbourne Half Marathon, no excuses!!



Comments on: "Time to get Serious……again" (4)

  1. I know how you feel about the ever expanding waistline! Sounds very familiar and I have run out of will power.

  2. celeste said:

    The tready and I are becoming new best friends. Who would have thought…

  3. The challenge should be fun.

    Don’t worry about a crap day, I always find that the next run is great when I have had a bad one.

  4. That’s the spirit Lee, you can finish your Half and hang around to cheer me into finish my full! Seriously though I think it normal for us all to put on a little weight during winter, I have put on a few kilos too and am trying really hard to stay under my “upper limit” goal I set at the start of the year.

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