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Stetching to James

exercise:  street run

5 minute brisk walk, scrimped today 😳

40 minute run

5 minute cool down walk


It was cold again when I set off just after 10am and 5 minutes into warm-up walk it started to rain which prompted me to start running.  I really like doing my 10 minute walk before warming up as I think it really helps with my run but because it started to rain, I just wanted to get started. 

It was a good run although the last 7 minutes I felt as though I was running out of steam.  I had to slow myself down alot today which is why I think I felt like that.  I also tackled a few hills.  I had a bit of knee pain coming down one of the hills and had to walk down it.  Once I got back on the flat surface, knee was fine.  My maximum pace today was 4:37min/km and average was 6:20min/km.  Not sure which fire I was running from but that would explain some of the huffing and puffing going on today 😆

I know alot of people hate James Blunts’ song, Good-bye My Lover but I am a bit of a suck and I really like the words.  Well today, that came on in time for my stretching and I ended up having the best darn stretching session and I stretched to the entire song, how good is that!  I probably should go looking for it post runs all the time, although after a few listens I will probably be face down pounding my fists on the ground 😆


I have been trying to work out whether it is ok to do my weight program and a Spin class in conjunction with my running.  I run on Tuesday, Thursday and long run on Sunday.  According to my program I will be starting speed sessions in the next few weeks which will be on the Tuesday so I am trying to get my head around the other things I want to do.  I need to do one x-training session according to program so I am not sure by doing weights and spin whether that will work out to be to much.  I haven’t felt this confident with my running, if ever, so I just don’t want to rock the boat!!

For the Runner’s World “Run it Off” challenge, I just have to get my pre-photo organised and hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  I am a little mortified at having to do that not that I think I am going to win anything as pre-photos are only published if you win something.  I have to say it has motivated me again to get back into swing and I have been really good the last two days, lets hope it stays that way 🙂

Comments on: "Stetching to James" (4)

  1. Sekhmet said:

    In the UK there is some rhyming slang for “James Blunt” but I’ll refrain from posting it here as it’s a bit rude 😉

    Ah, music to slash your wrists to… I must admit to not really being a fan myself, doesn’t really do it for me

    Great to see you out running more regularly, it’s showing in the improvements in pace too 😀

  2. Kathryn said:

    I’m also assuming the before pics are only ever going to see the light of day if you win, must check that out cos mine are hideous.

    You’re doing so well with the running. Atm I’m doing my running + cross training on the bike and weights. I think I need to work out the timing of the weights though cos running the next morning after doing a heavy leg workout is bad.

  3. James Blunt is not my cup of tea either, but each to their own!! Looking at my playlist I’m not one to criticise anything (John Paul Young playing at the moment!).

    4:37 is moving along nicely!

  4. you had a quickie in there with 4:37..well done! sounds like a good run..even if it ws raining

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