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Finding the Equalibrium


Sunday 22nd

Easy run Albert Park Lake

10min brisk walk

1 hour run

10 min cool-down walk

I repeated the hour run as RJ missed the week before and I figured it can only be good to repeat.  It does put me 10minutes behind weekly schedule but I will make that up.  It was a really nice run and the morning was beautiful.  Couldn’t stay for coffee as I think Hubby is getting a bit peed off with me galavanting around the country side so I thought I would get back quick smart and smooth his feathers 🙄

Tuesday 24th

Gym:  tready run/upper weights/core

10 minute brisk walk

30 min run (8.33km-10km/hr)

10 minute cool down walk

Today on tready I decided to alter speed of tready every now and then.  No pattern really but I did want to finish on a faster pace which I did.  I find running same speed on tready excrutiating.  It just seems so much harder at the lower speed for some reason??  I then started to do my lower weights but when I got on the leg press my left knee was protesting so I abandoned that plan and ended up only doing upper weights and core. 


I am still trying to work out fitting in my x-training, weights and spin class as my 3 year old still won’t go into the creche, the big party pooper!!  I think that is why Hubby is feeling it a bit because he is having to look after him a bit more and lets face it, after working during the night, the last thing you want to contend with is a pesky three year old who seems to be getting more stubborn with each passing day.  Doesn’t he know he has a Dad who wants to rest after work and a Mum who wants to work-out because she is trying to become an elite runner 😆  

So it has got me thinking until we can sort him out, as long as I get outside to do my three runs a week and utilise the spin bike/weights at home might be the way to go.  It is just so annoying as I was so excited about joining new gym and even being there today made me realise how much I miss it.  Oh well, there’s always next year when we pack him off to 4 year old kinder but then of course I will be back in the work force which I am looking forward to but then I will have less hours to do exercise!  Is there ever an equalibrium in life???


Comments on: "Finding the Equalibrium" (4)

  1. It gets easier once they are old enough to understand bribery 😀

    Albert Park would have been lovely on sunday,

  2. I don’t know how you mums fit it all in, I think mums are the best organised people!

  3. id be the wrong person to ask… mine isnt even organised chaos..it is a complete disorganised mish mash of things just happening..lucky i dont have to contend with kids as well..i dont know how you manage!

  4. All things considered I think you are doing fantastically, despite everything you are getting some great consistency happening.

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