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Thursday 26th

exercise:  Spin Bike (home)

5 min warm-up

40 min running riding (2min sitting / 3min running riding)

abrupt cool down due to pesky 3 year old but we did do a good stretching session together 😆  

Friday 27th

exercise:  long run 😯

5 minute brisk walk

1 hour 10 minutes running (Albert Park Lake)

10 minute cool down walk


This was never going to be a good run for me due to the fact that this run was suppose to be run on Sunday (29th).  RJ sent me an sms on Thursday afternoon requesting to do Sunday’s long run on Friday instead of the Sunday as she wanted to attend son’s second last footy match and do canteen duty, pmsl at the canteen duty!!  She knew it would throw a complete spanner in the works for me as I am a stickler for schedules and I have to say, I shook my head a few thousand times before replying that did she know it was Friday and we are due to do a 40 minute run 🙄   Anyway, an hour later and a long chat on the phone it was decided that we would do it. 

After battling the traffic for almost an hour to get to Albert Park Lake, I got out of the car and it was windy and cold 👿   After a quick warm-up, we set off.  I was feeling pretty good and when I checked my watch I found we had already ran for 20minutes and started to feel optimistic about this “unscheduled” run.  In the next 10 minutes RJ started complaining about a tight calf and it wasn’t soon after that when I thought to myself, “there is no way I am going to be able to complete an hour and ten minutes today”!!  A lot of whinging was going back and forth after that but we did complete it although we had one walk break and a stretch stop.  We both struggled today 😦     

For me I think the problem was 1) wrong day and I just wasn’t in the right head space, 2) it was flipping windy and 3) maybe it wasn’t the greatest idea to do a long run after yesterdays bike session??  I wouldn’t have done such a full on bike session had I known we were going to do the long run.  It was the first time in a long while I have been on the bike and I probably would have held back a bit.  Also, according to “program” rest or x-training was sceduled on Thursday with only a 40 minute run on the Friday.  I know I would have felt great stopping at 40 minutes today.  So once again I live and learn.  I have a sneaky feeling I may be a little stiff and sore for the next couple of days and of course, I am going to blame RJ entirely if I am 😆        


Comments on: "RJ Throws a Spanner in the Works" (5)

  1. Kathryn said:

    We were running at AP today and I’m with you on the wind… it was just awful.

  2. A cold wind is not the runner’s friend, that is for sure! Well done on finishing the unscheduled run !

  3. Tired legs and a wind .. you did well to finish. Congratulations.

  4. It is so exposed at the Lake- I was there today and I just did the tail wind side before wimping out and running somewhere more sheltered for the rest of the way. But you both showed a lot of determination- I hope canteen duty is worth it!

  5. i love having someone to blame for stuff~!!!!

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