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exercise: street run including Edwardes Park Lake

5 minute brisk warm-up walk

24 minutes  

5 minute cool-down walk


I walked out the door today with the attitude with “whatever happens”.This is the first run since my “early long run” last Friday at Albert Park which I might add, I pulled up fantastically the next day, no problems 😀   I had planned to run on Monday and Wednesday this week but due too feeling “yukko”, I didn’t actually venture out until today.  I had to drag my sorry butt out I can tell you.  I so didn’t want to go out but felt I needed to get at least one run in before Queen of Lake on Sunday and I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen tomorrow due to appointments and things.

So set off and only did a 5 minute warm-up as I felt as though I was going to turn around and go back home 😆   I made a pact with myself that I could do whatever I felt like doing and have no plan.  It was quite windy and I ended up running for 24 minutes with maximum pace of 5:14min/km and average pace of 6:06min/km.  I thought I was going to die today and my face was a nice shade of crimson when I finished.  Remind me never to go out the door without a plan!!  I was trying to slow down a bit today but for some reason I kept going back to faster pace.  I was thinking to myself, it should probably be an easy run before QoL on Sunday  🙄


Speaking of Queen of Lake, I don’t feel very enthusiastic about doing this on Sunday and I think it is for a couple of reasons.  The first one is I am scared I won’t be able to run 10km which is just stupid as I have done the distance before 😯   The second reason is although I have planned to just do an easy run for this event, I am scared if I get caught up in the hype and end up going for it, I will be too sore to resume training regime on Tuesday.  It’s just all too stressful for me sometimes, ridiculous really when I know how much I love to run.  I honestly think I just need to try and chill out sometimes and just turn the brain off  🙄  


Comments on: "Racephobia" (3)

  1. I think the bad weather, especially the cold winds, are making running quite difficult these days, at least for me that is the case. Turning the brain off, or at least not stressing over the running is definitely the right idea. As you say, you enjoy running, so just enjoy it!

  2. .stop overthinking and stressing about sunday..enjoy the hype, enjoy the run..it wil be fantastic..if you run too fast, do a recovery..even a pool session tuesday…and if not it will be one of those runs that make you stronger

  3. Take a deep breath, it is all part of the fun. Just work out your plan and follow through and you will be fine. I think you should try and hit your planned HM pace and use it as an exercise in what that is going to feel like.

    But really, just have fun, that’s why they call them fun runs 🙂

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