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Queen of the Lake


Today I ran in the Queen of the Lake 10km event.  It was a beautiful morning for running, a little breezy but not too cold.  Met up with RJ not long after 9am and we had a little look around, warmed-up a little and then headed down to start line.  Now, I have been pondering about how I feel my run went today and if I am all over the  place, forgive me but I am processing still 😆   For once my body did not protest at all, not a niggle in sight while running, its a flipping miracle!!  I didn’t actually realise until after the race and I felt really happy about that.  Cardiowise today I struggled 😦 That I am annoyed with!  I usually can get the cardio under control and I may huff and puff here and there but usually if I slow the pace, it sorts out.  It didn’t today.  It has actually got me thinking about my iron levels again as that was the feeling I got when my iron was too high.  I am suppose to have it monitored every 6 months and I last had it checked in about November.  Anyway it doesn’t matter, at the 8km mark I wanted to stop and I hate that feeling.  I didn’t, I just slowed down and eventually made it over the fininsh line.  My official time was 63:54  When I did Beat the Boat I finished in 62:23 and was full of niggles and even stopped to stretch at most drink stations during that run, go figure hey!  So at the end of the day, I am glad I ran entire 10km, pissed of with cardio issue, extremely happy with the the free t-shirt I received.  It is really cute 😀


I have been pondering my plan of doing the Melbourne Half Marathon.  I don’t think in all honesty I will get to where I want to be with my running to complete it how I want to in the next 8 weeks.  I think I will go back to initial plan of consolidating my 10km running before I tackle a Half Marathon.  I think this is the sensible thing to do because basically when I do it, I what to feel great when I finish not karking it before I get to finish line and do it in a half decent time.  The way I felt today I am going to battle to get to where I want to be in 8 weeks and as much as I hate to say I feel like the biggest loser in coming to this decision 😦   So my new plan is consolidate 10km running and I will do a Half Marathon in the New Year and having said that I think I am off to get a bottle of champers to drown my sorrows 😆     


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  1. Congratulations Lee, you completed 10km without stopping, that’s an achievement in itself.

    I’ve entered the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon and I think I’m going to have to change to the 10km as I haven’t even started back running from my calf injury yet and really don’t feel like I’ll be ready to do the half by October, so you’re not the only one revising your plans.

    You’re more than welcome to come and run with me if you like. I’m not planning on breaking any land speed records 🙂

    Enjoy your champers, I might even join you….cheers!

  2. Lee.. choosing to do a 10km rather than a half that you may not or wont be ready for is not a ‘loser’ decision…you know your body..and surely it is better to do a 10km well than struggle through a half feeling like crap..just my two cents worth…doesnt look like ill be allowed to do the half either!!! i reckon its a tough decision to make..and you would know already if you feel it is the right decision 🙂

  3. Like jane said, it’s not a loser decision. You know what you feel best and there are no medals for running longer distances. Much better to run a fantastic 10 ks than a rotten half – plus I reckon you’ll feel a lot less stressed esp with your family committments and stuff like that. It’s not like you’re saying you can’t be stuffed and are sitting at home on the couch instead – that’s the real loser choice.

  4. oh and I meant to also say, well done on the run today. The cardio issues are much easier to deal with than the other stuff at least 🙂

  5. Well done on your run today Lee. Great effort. Isn’t it great to run without any niggles? Your cardio fitness will get back up to usual.

  6. Well done on the run today Lee, and I agree with the others, it sounds like doing the 10km on MM day might be a sensible decision. There is plenty of time to do the HM, after all I was 47 when I di my first one, so you have quite a few years left !

    Regarding the run today, had you eaten properly and hydrated properly the day before ? If not, that could explain the lack of energy.

  7. Hey Lee, and congrats on completeing the race, even if you didn’t feel great it’s a brilliant achievement 😀 the champers was well deserved. I totally agree with the others, and scaling back your plans spunds very, very sensible, not defeatist. Just think how you’ll blitz it with 8 weeks training, you know now that you can do the distance, so you should feel confident about what you can achieve by then 😀

    Oh, and I also agree with AJH about the dehydration/fodder thing – could it have been something seemingly inocuous? I kneo I really sturggle if not properly watered – in fact that gets me more than anything else.

    Anyway, suffice to say you are NOT a loser! 😀

    B. x

  8. It’s all relative isn’t it? I am a long way from running 10km – even though I have done it in the past. To me, a 10km run sounds like a marvellous achievement. Nothing loser-ish about it.

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