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Run for Joy


I haven’t been for a run since Queen of Lake mainly because of “family crap” going on which I won’t bore you with, but lets just say I have had a lousy week 😦   Things have started to settle again so hopefully by Saturday or Sunday I will be able to get back out there.

In my last post I stated I felt like a loser about pulling out of Melbourne Half Marathon and I think the main reason is because even though Queen of Lake was a little crappy, my training has been going so well.  I was running consistently and able to achieve each week on program as planned.  I guess I am disappointed because I think to myself if I kept doing what I was doing, I might have just got there.  But really there was no room for hiccups and I really am relieved I have decided not to do it because look what has happened, I have missed almost a weeks running due to family matters and it was nice not to stress about the running side of things because of it.

So my plan now is to “Run for Joy”.  I am still going to follow a regime just so I don’t lose track but I am not going to stress out about missed runs.  I would like to do a couple of the “Spring into Shape” series but I will have to assess whats going on around here at home.  Not sure if I am motivated enough to arrange car and babysitting for 10km Melbourne Marathon as I had intended to do for the half  🙄

*Edit*  Oh, I forgot to thank you all for your supportive comments, so nice to read when you are feeling a little down in the dumps 😦 , and also Andrew/Beakus, it just may have been a hydration thing going on for QoL even though I felt like I “did the right thing”, I do believe I could have done better 😳

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  1. Running for Joy sounds like a wonderful plan Lee. I am going to do the 4km Spring Into Shapes – looking forward to some shorter races! I know what you mean by family crap, I’ve had a bit of that recently too. Keep the chin up and go “run for joy” whenever you can.

  2. Just catching up.

    Don’t feel bad for a second about pulling out, there is not point stubbornly pushing ahead with something you are not fully prepared for. There is more dignity in deciding to put something on hold that risking injury.

    I reckon if you get some more 10Kms under your belt you will feel more ready for a half sometime next year.

    And if you felt relieved it means you made the right decision.

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