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Miss Boombalada

Yesterday we had RJ and family over, as we always do for AFL Grand Final.  What a match that was!!  The mighty Cats were far to dominant for the old Power.  I for one was very happy to see Geelong break their 44 year old drought and win the premiership 😀

Unfortunatley, grand final seems to be continuing in this household today as all I have done is continue to eat crap.  Thats the problem when you have left overs, they have to be eaten.  I have just demolished a bag of Thins as I am craving that oily salty stuff and I think I am need of can of coke, as you do the next day after indulging in alcohol 😳  I am sure I will have put back on that 1.2 flipping kgs that I lost last week when I weigh in tomorrow.

So Miss Boombalada here didn’t go for her planned run this morning but I will get on my Spin bike later and do my 50-60 minute run tomorrow.  

Now, I am off to find that can of coke  🙄


running comfortably

Ran early this morning, well early for this household and especially on school holidays.  I ran 30mins again and covered 4.5km like Tuesdays run.  It felt much better today and I think it was because on Tuesday, I ran at 4pm after a busy day with kids and it was a tad warm.  I have to say I actually enjoyed myself today.  Still wish I could move a little faster though. 

Kathy, I think with me is that I have now been running for 18months and usually at conversation speed to keep going.  I thought by now that would be long enough for speed to have improved.  I didn’t mean for one minute to be disrespectful to 7min/km pace 😳   I have to say when I run at that pace, it is comfortable most of the time and at least I am running.  Andrew, I couldn’t believe it when I read your suggestion of reading “No Need for Speed”, I have that book and I went looking for it before I read your comment, at 2.30 in the morning I might add as I couldn’t sleep!  You know, when I first read that book I don’t remember reading half the stuff that is in it 😯   It is now going to be my bible for the next few weeks as I think I can really take on board the advice in it at this point.  I promise no more negative talk as it is wasted energy, energy I need to conserve 😉

My next planned run will be on Sunday and hopefully down the Tan or Princes Park and I plan to run for 50-60minutes.  I just hope I pull up ok because I plan to crack the champers for Grand Final Day on Saturday, my first drink in almost two weeks!  I have been such a good girl and was rewarded well when I weighed in on Monday with a loss of 1.2kg.  WooHoo, gotta be happy with that 😀  

Plodding Along

Another slow run today.  I think I just have to face it and say I am crap at running 😦  I did a street run which included a lap of the local lake and then headed home again.  I covered 4.5km with max pace 6:07min/km and avg 7:05min/km.  All up it was a 31:53 minute run and my plan was to run for 30minutes.  I still struggle trying to make the decision to run for time or distance which is why today it was time but Sunday’s run was distance 🙄  

I guess I should just be happy I am back out there running again but when I think back to this time last year, I don’t seem to be any better at!!  Quite frustrating really.  I know I have increased my distances that I do in terms of events.  Last year it was the 4/5km events where as now I am doing 8/10km events, I also did the 15km Run 4 Kids in April but I am still as slow as ever.  Oh well keep plodding along I guess as I am not going to give it up.

I was thinking today once I have done the 10km MM race, maybe I will do either 8km SiS #3 or the 10km Olympic Dream which are both in November.  Not really decided as of yet as another part of me is saying just concentrate on your training and forget events until next year.  Having said that, I would really like to do SiS #3 because I love the course but if I do the Olympic Dream there is a medal for all participants 😆   So shallow aren’t I!!  Decisions, decisions , oh well, plenty of time to decide I guess 🙂


Zipped down to the Tan this morning and was there around 9:15am.  Looked around for RJ and then sent her a sms but she had slept in.  She did run later with her boys but her hip is giving her grief and at this stage I don’t think she will be running at the MM 😦

I started warming up along Alexandra Ave side of the Tan and up the Anderson Street hill 😳  I then completed a lap and crossed over at the Morrell Bridge and ran along up to the Swan Street bridge and back along the Tan again.  I completed 7km which I am happy about and the run felt mostly good 🙂 It was a tad slow though and I finished in 48:49 with max pace 5:47min/km and avg pace 6:58min/km.  This did include two drink stops which I didn’t stop the clock for.  Had a really good stretch on the Yarra River side and then headed home.  I think if I can keep on track now I should be fine for the 10km at the MM although I know I won’t be breaking any records.  

Andrew, I didn’t end up buying that Jeff Galloway book as it didn’t seem right for me at this stage.  It was called “Testing Yourself”, I think.  He has other titles that I would love to have a look at but that was the only title of his at Borders when I went.  I have to say though the little book I bought, although simple, has some good info in it. 

Extremely happy that the Cats won the foot-ball on Friday night.  What a great game it was!!  Although I am an avid Eagles supporter, I have a real soft spot for Geelong.  I will definitely be barracking for them in the Grand-Final along with the rest of the state I am sure 😆

Hit the Road Jack

Just a quick post.  Well, I got a running book today although the Jeff Galloway one that I had Borders put aside for me, was not what I thought it would be.  Kathryn, you were not wrong about finding a park 😯  It was really busy around Lygon Street today and I nearly gave up.  I was set to go back home but luckily someone pulled out and I snapped the park up!!  Anyway, still not sure if the book is what I was after but I just couldn’t bring myself to go home empty handed.  I will enjoy reading through it though, gotta love anything new to do with running!!

I know what I have to do and it is just hit the road jack.  I am feeling in myself so much better today and quite optimistic that I will run the 10km.  I just have to put the work back into myself and I am sure I will get there.  I have organised to meet RJ down at the Tan on Sunday morning and I am aiming to run for at least 40minutes/7km and if I manage it, I will not be worried at all about MM.

Last thing I need to add, GO CATS!!!!!!  Have a great week-end everyone 🙂

*edit*  I did 50 minutes on the spin bike tonight, felt great!

Building Up, Yet Again

I went for a run today and lasted 23 minutes 😦 , well 23 minutes and 30 secs to be exact!  This is just terrible!!  I guess the last 5 weeks of haphazard running has taken its toll on my cardio fitness which is really quite distressing as I had built up so well.  Am I going to be able to run the 10km at the MM on the 7th?  Thats 17 days away 😯   I hate that about running….. it takes me an eternity to build up and then a few short weeks to lose it!! 

So I have been trying to take stock all day.  I know I was sick a couple of days ago so maybe that had a bit to do with it but anyway, I am going to use my spin bike for the next two days and then get my tail down to SiS course on Sunday and try and run 6-7km and see how I go.  I so want to run the full 10km at MM its not funny.  No more excuses, please!! 

I ws trying to get to Borders in Carlton today but it just didn’t happen.  I feel as though I need to buy a book on running 😆  There are a couple of Jeff Galloway books I would like to have a look at and because I now have a bee in my bonnet, I was almost going to buy one on-line today from www.booktopia.com.au I chickened out because I have never bought books before from them and I got a little nervous 🙄  All I want is to be a 10km runner and eventually be able to run a couple of Half Marathons a year and I am thinking I need something to read to help give me direction.  Not sure if it will help but at least it will get back into that head space again of thinking I can do it!

Fun and Games

So much for my enthusiasic return to training this week.  I have my 9year old home from school as he started vomiting in the early hours of Monday morning whcih continued until about 7pm that night, the poor blighter 😦   He was still a bit headachey and blah yesterday but by the afternoon he seemed to be coming right until the diarhoea started (sorry, I know to much information, lol)!  So he is home again today.  I was actually really unwell myself yesterday and spent the entire day in bed as everytime I got up I felt as though I was going to be sick.  I had unbelievable nausea and headache but luckily no vomiting.  I had intended to bounce back today and go for a run much to my husbands disgust but I am still feeling blah myself 😦  So here we all are at the sick bay.  I had so much to do this week due to school hols starting next week but my biggest gripe is not being able to do any of my training, I have now lost three days.  I am really hoping I will be right tomorrow for a run or at least a ride on my spin bike.

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