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wind, sun and a 5km run

Yesterday I went out for one of those mind clearing walks up to the corner shop and I was wishing I had driven the car 😳    Today was a different story.  I put on my running gear and went for a run.  I was thinking about Em’s comment to me about the wind in your hair and the sun on the face and I thought, yep thats what is forecast for today, so lets just do it.  I ran down at Princes Park and did 5km in 32mins.  I did stop for two drink breaks as I think I am dehydrated again but I stopped the watch while doing that.  Legs felt really fresh but cardiowise I was a bit huffy and pufffy but hey, whats new??  My average pace was 6:24min/km and max was 5:23.

So now I am thinking of entering the Spring into Shape series 😆    Thanks for that suggestion Sara and Andrew.  Have to say though Andrew, it was your comment about the free t-shirt that really started to suck me in 😀  I would have to do the 8km events because they start at 9.30am which guarantees me getting there on time.  I know I am not really up to 8km at the moment so I if I do it, it will have to be a walk/run but thats ok, as long as I am out there doing something.  I am currently waiting for a new card to arrive from the bank so I can enter on-line.  I find entering on the day really stressful, so fingers crossed it gets here on time.    

Thanks again for all your encouraging comments in my blog, I am telling you every single one of them was appreciated.  I do tend to beat myself up at the best of times so reading your comments reminded me to chill out a bit.  Which reminds me Em, I loved your concept of eating well 80% of the time and 20% for fun and I am taking it on board.  When you put it like that I don’t actually think I am doing to badly apart from the cab sav at night but thats not food 😉

P.S  Thanks for your really kind offer Sue 🙂  I hope our paths cross soon as I would love to meet you. 

P.S.S.  Welcome back Beakus 😀


Comments on: "wind, sun and a 5km run" (2)

  1. Yep, us runners are suckers for those t-shirts aren’t we. It will be great to see you at SiS Lee !

  2. Hi Lee, I’m doing the 8 km run. It takes me about 56 mins to run that far. If that’s not too slow for you, I’d be happy to run with you.

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