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Melbourne Marathon 10km

I wussed out of the 8km Spring into Shape this morning 😳    I was still undecided last night but got all my running gear ready just in case.  This morning when I woke up I opted for a leisurely morning with the family.  I  had a good snuggly lie in with kids and then when hubby got home we had bacon and eggs.  Shameful I know but I honestly did not feel like running.  Andrew, in the end the t-shirt just wasn’t enough 😉

So this morning to compensate, I entered the 10km Melbourne Marathon run on the 7th Oct 😀   Have absolutely no idea how I am going to swing getting there by 8.30am but I will work something out.  I just can’t bear the thought of missing out on the 30th Anniversary of this event and running onto the MCG.  I am excited that I took the plunge and this will give me something to work towards even though there is only three weeks to go 😯  I need to get out of this depressing rut!! 

My plan is to get back to the gym this week and start x-training again.  I intend to go twice a week, three times if I can.  Hopefully that will help me with my cardio and of course I will do my three runs a week.  I am also going to concentrate on my water input and cut out red meat as I am not sure what my iron is doing at the moment 🙄  Sounds like a good plan to me, now lets get the ball rolling!!


Comments on: "Melbourne Marathon 10km" (4)

  1. I watched all the 8km runners starting today and was going to give you a cheer, this explains why I didn’t see you (and I thought it was just my ageing eyesight).

    Well done on entering the MM. It is going to be a buzz finishing on the MCG!

  2. Can’t wait to see you at the G! Get training miss so you can appreciate how good it is when you run into that arena, full of beans and hardly out of breath, just reveling in the crowds adoration (that is what I have been imagining!)

  3. Fantastic goal Lee! I have no doubt you will make the 10km even if you walk it. But I suspect the excitement of seeing the G will keep you running!!

  4. A snuggly morning in bed with the kids sounds divine, and there are always other runs. Good luck with the 10 km 😀

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