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Fun and Games

So much for my enthusiasic return to training this week.  I have my 9year old home from school as he started vomiting in the early hours of Monday morning whcih continued until about 7pm that night, the poor blighter 😦   He was still a bit headachey and blah yesterday but by the afternoon he seemed to be coming right until the diarhoea started (sorry, I know to much information, lol)!  So he is home again today.  I was actually really unwell myself yesterday and spent the entire day in bed as everytime I got up I felt as though I was going to be sick.  I had unbelievable nausea and headache but luckily no vomiting.  I had intended to bounce back today and go for a run much to my husbands disgust but I am still feeling blah myself 😦  So here we all are at the sick bay.  I had so much to do this week due to school hols starting next week but my biggest gripe is not being able to do any of my training, I have now lost three days.  I am really hoping I will be right tomorrow for a run or at least a ride on my spin bike.


Comments on: "Fun and Games" (4)

  1. not much you can do when gastro hits 😦

  2. Nasty business, gastro! Hope you’re all on the mend.

  3. After the last few days I know only too well how family things can get in the way of normal activities including the running! Hope you and yours recover quickly!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better. Don’t worry. All sorts of things get in the way of training. I haven’t managed a proper run since Sunday. Sigh.

    Good luck getting out there.

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