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Hit the Road Jack

Just a quick post.  Well, I got a running book today although the Jeff Galloway one that I had Borders put aside for me, was not what I thought it would be.  Kathryn, you were not wrong about finding a park 😯  It was really busy around Lygon Street today and I nearly gave up.  I was set to go back home but luckily someone pulled out and I snapped the park up!!  Anyway, still not sure if the book is what I was after but I just couldn’t bring myself to go home empty handed.  I will enjoy reading through it though, gotta love anything new to do with running!!

I know what I have to do and it is just hit the road jack.  I am feeling in myself so much better today and quite optimistic that I will run the 10km.  I just have to put the work back into myself and I am sure I will get there.  I have organised to meet RJ down at the Tan on Sunday morning and I am aiming to run for at least 40minutes/7km and if I manage it, I will not be worried at all about MM.

Last thing I need to add, GO CATS!!!!!!  Have a great week-end everyone 🙂

*edit*  I did 50 minutes on the spin bike tonight, felt great!


Comments on: "Hit the Road Jack" (3)

  1. Well done with your 50 mins 🙂

    Hope the book gives you some inspiration.

  2. Any running book is worth a read I reckon – I certainly have enjoyed all the ones I have read. Which of Galloways books did you buy ?

    And GO CATS !!!!

  3. Looks like you’ll turn your cardio fitness around in no time – especially if you snap up car parks in Lygon Street frequently. I don’t know what it is, but looking for a park can certainly raise my heart rate.

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