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Zipped down to the Tan this morning and was there around 9:15am.  Looked around for RJ and then sent her a sms but she had slept in.  She did run later with her boys but her hip is giving her grief and at this stage I don’t think she will be running at the MM 😦

I started warming up along Alexandra Ave side of the Tan and up the Anderson Street hill 😳  I then completed a lap and crossed over at the Morrell Bridge and ran along up to the Swan Street bridge and back along the Tan again.  I completed 7km which I am happy about and the run felt mostly good 🙂 It was a tad slow though and I finished in 48:49 with max pace 5:47min/km and avg pace 6:58min/km.  This did include two drink stops which I didn’t stop the clock for.  Had a really good stretch on the Yarra River side and then headed home.  I think if I can keep on track now I should be fine for the 10km at the MM although I know I won’t be breaking any records.  

Andrew, I didn’t end up buying that Jeff Galloway book as it didn’t seem right for me at this stage.  It was called “Testing Yourself”, I think.  He has other titles that I would love to have a look at but that was the only title of his at Borders when I went.  I have to say though the little book I bought, although simple, has some good info in it. 

Extremely happy that the Cats won the foot-ball on Friday night.  What a great game it was!!  Although I am an avid Eagles supporter, I have a real soft spot for Geelong.  I will definitely be barracking for them in the Grand-Final along with the rest of the state I am sure 😆


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  1. Sounds like a good run. Usually Borders in Carlton has a much better selection of running books than the other stores (not that I spend all my time in Borders or anything).

  2. nothing wrong with 7kms..thats a good run.forget the time.. if i was you, for your next few runs leave the watch at home..then you just enjoy the run 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good run Lee. I think nearly all us Vics will be cheering for the Cats!

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