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Plodding Along

Another slow run today.  I think I just have to face it and say I am crap at running 😦  I did a street run which included a lap of the local lake and then headed home again.  I covered 4.5km with max pace 6:07min/km and avg 7:05min/km.  All up it was a 31:53 minute run and my plan was to run for 30minutes.  I still struggle trying to make the decision to run for time or distance which is why today it was time but Sunday’s run was distance 🙄  

I guess I should just be happy I am back out there running again but when I think back to this time last year, I don’t seem to be any better at!!  Quite frustrating really.  I know I have increased my distances that I do in terms of events.  Last year it was the 4/5km events where as now I am doing 8/10km events, I also did the 15km Run 4 Kids in April but I am still as slow as ever.  Oh well keep plodding along I guess as I am not going to give it up.

I was thinking today once I have done the 10km MM race, maybe I will do either 8km SiS #3 or the 10km Olympic Dream which are both in November.  Not really decided as of yet as another part of me is saying just concentrate on your training and forget events until next year.  Having said that, I would really like to do SiS #3 because I love the course but if I do the Olympic Dream there is a medal for all participants 😆   So shallow aren’t I!!  Decisions, decisions , oh well, plenty of time to decide I guess 🙂


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  1. I don’t know. That’s the speed I run at, and I don’t think I’m crap at running. I’m not fast but I enjoy myself and I run pretty much injury free, which has to be good. That feeling of achievement I get after I run is worth it, and I absolutely love the occasional runner’s high.

    Mind you, I was riding my bike today and I realised that Em and Andrew and so many other people run faster than I ride. I think I might be a crap rider. 😉

    I think as long as you are enjoying yourself then you are doing fine. Maybe the Chi Running book would help. The author talks about running goals in a way that made a lot of sense to me. I’ve applied that philosophy to my general fitness goals as well.

  2. Lee, Lee, Lee, am I going to have to come round and have a talk to you, or what! What is this “I am crap at running” talk? Stop it now! No more negative talk – okay!

    You are back out there running, and as you say improving your distance, and hopefully (sometimes at least) enjoying yourself, so how is that crap at running? You went out with a goal today (30 mins running) and you did it – celebrate it! You have overcome a few setbacks recently so talk it up, not down!

    Have you read John Binghams book “No Need For Speed”? It was the first running book I ever bought – a great read to convince yourself you are a “runner” no matter what the speed is! Also agree with Kathy, Chi running is another good one too!

  3. I’m the same – not much improvement on the speed side of things but have increased the kms. I think it can be hard when you do something like the C25K program and you see such rapid improvements as you start off. Each run is a new victory. Then you start to level out. But I figure being able to run further is better than being able to run faster – and some days just being able to run at all is enough 😀

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