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running comfortably

Ran early this morning, well early for this household and especially on school holidays.  I ran 30mins again and covered 4.5km like Tuesdays run.  It felt much better today and I think it was because on Tuesday, I ran at 4pm after a busy day with kids and it was a tad warm.  I have to say I actually enjoyed myself today.  Still wish I could move a little faster though. 

Kathy, I think with me is that I have now been running for 18months and usually at conversation speed to keep going.  I thought by now that would be long enough for speed to have improved.  I didn’t mean for one minute to be disrespectful to 7min/km pace 😳   I have to say when I run at that pace, it is comfortable most of the time and at least I am running.  Andrew, I couldn’t believe it when I read your suggestion of reading “No Need for Speed”, I have that book and I went looking for it before I read your comment, at 2.30 in the morning I might add as I couldn’t sleep!  You know, when I first read that book I don’t remember reading half the stuff that is in it 😯   It is now going to be my bible for the next few weeks as I think I can really take on board the advice in it at this point.  I promise no more negative talk as it is wasted energy, energy I need to conserve 😉

My next planned run will be on Sunday and hopefully down the Tan or Princes Park and I plan to run for 50-60minutes.  I just hope I pull up ok because I plan to crack the champers for Grand Final Day on Saturday, my first drink in almost two weeks!  I have been such a good girl and was rewarded well when I weighed in on Monday with a loss of 1.2kg.  WooHoo, gotta be happy with that 😀  


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  1. Lee I love it when you are positive! You really sound like you are enjoying your running! Keep it up!!

  2. i think i gained your 1.2kgs

  3. Great to hear you in a positive mood! I love John Binghams books, I have all four of them and there is nearly always one of them on my bedside table because I love just picking them up, opening somewhere and reading a few pages when I’m not in the mood for reading a novel, or something else.

  4. Lee .. I think I’ve just found a new mantra.

    I love what you said about “I promise no more negative talk as it is wasted energy, energy I need to conserve ” 🙂

    Must check out Bingham’s books, too. I enjoy his column in RW, but hadn’t thought to get the books …

  5. Great work on the running and the weight loss- it is all coming together! Enjoy your bubbly today.

  6. Hi Lee. Oops. I wasn’t at all offended.

    I was trying to say that not running faster doesn’t make you a bad runner – it just makes you a runner who runs at x speed. I think it’s great that you want to improve your running. I am sorry that you are so disappointed when you’re not making the improvements that you are aiming to make.

    I get so much joy out of being able to run at all that I just want to share it around with everybody. I have bad days too, when I ask myself how I can possibly call myself a runner when I can’t even get out of bed to go for a planned run. Thank goodness I have all you fellow runners in blogland to inspire me to get back out there.

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