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Miss Boombalada

Yesterday we had RJ and family over, as we always do for AFL Grand Final.  What a match that was!!  The mighty Cats were far to dominant for the old Power.  I for one was very happy to see Geelong break their 44 year old drought and win the premiership 😀

Unfortunatley, grand final seems to be continuing in this household today as all I have done is continue to eat crap.  Thats the problem when you have left overs, they have to be eaten.  I have just demolished a bag of Thins as I am craving that oily salty stuff and I think I am need of can of coke, as you do the next day after indulging in alcohol 😳  I am sure I will have put back on that 1.2 flipping kgs that I lost last week when I weigh in tomorrow.

So Miss Boombalada here didn’t go for her planned run this morning but I will get on my Spin bike later and do my 50-60 minute run tomorrow.  

Now, I am off to find that can of coke  🙄


Comments on: "Miss Boombalada" (2)

  1. Glad you enjoyed the GF – bet you didn’t enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure that calories eaten during the celebration of a grand final win only stay on temporarily as they were earned in an honourable cause!

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