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New Week, Fresh Start

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Spring into Shape ūüėĮ ¬†¬†I seemed to have fallen of the wagon so to speak.¬† The first week after SiS I did run once and attended gym twice which included a Spin class.¬† It is the first Spin class I have done in ages, in fact it is the first one I have managed to get to at my new¬†gym.¬† It was the same instructor that use to do the Fernwood one when I was going there and I love her classes, so it was really good to get back onto the seat so to speak.¬† The second week, last week, I have been feeling really out of sorts and sad because of Dad ūüė• ¬†I guess it is two steps forward, 100 back.¬† I know it will get better but I¬†realised yesterday, it has only been¬†10 weeks since he died.¬† My sister and bro-in-law were also at our family home in Perth, for the very last time to clean up the last bits and pieces before settlement.¬† It hit me like a ton of bricks that we no longer have a family home, the¬†home¬†we lived in for our entire childhood.¬† I actually feel quite devastated about that and needless to say, my sister and I have been on the phone blubbering to each other like a couple of babies.¬† I so wished I could have been there to help them as I know it has been really hard for them both.¬†¬†I hate it that we are so far away from each other ūüė¶

Now onto that vague thing that I do called running ūüėÜ ¬†I am hoping to run tomorrow, whatever I feel like doing and then get into my new plan from Wednesday.¬† I posted on the ausrun site in training to get some advice¬†on where to go from here and I think I have worked out some plan.¬† I was¬†seriously thinking about going down to the Coburg Harriers¬†Fun Run this morning but have to say I was abit stuffed, emotionally and physically.¬† Have to say though once I saw¬†how strong the wind was this morning, not sure it I would have been brave enough to tackle that for my first run back!!¬†¬†


Spring into Shape #2

I made it to¬†Spring into Shape #2 with time to spare yesterday morning.¬†¬†Had to laugh¬†when I was in toilet queue¬†because there were about 6 womens toilets all in a row¬†but only 1 being used ūüėĮ ¬†I really wanted to investigate and find out what was wrong with the 5 not being used but I didn’t want to lose my place!!

Caught up with Andrew and had a quick chat and then met Kathy but only for a very brief moment as out race was about to start.¬† I lost you Kathy when placing myself at start and I did look out for you post race but didn’t see you ūüė¶ ¬† Hopefully next time around we can have a longer chat ūüôā

Everything¬†felt good while running, not a niggle in sight.¬† Have to say though I hate that stretch along¬†Batman Avenue ūüė° ¬†¬†When I was running through my first lap it was nice to see Andrew and Tigerboy cheering on the sidelines.¬† I still felt really good and it wasn’t until about the 6km mark when I felt as though I was running out of steam and had to slow my pace a little.¬† I always seem to conk out when there is about 2kms to go¬†whether it be a 8km or a 10km.¬† Anyway I managed to catch my breath again and felt really quite good when I finished.¬† My official time was 50:29 which was I was happy with¬†as I¬†thought it was around 51:30 mark.¬†¬†It¬†was such a glorious morning¬†and¬†I was really grateful to be able to be out there.¬†¬†Post run¬†I had a leisurely wander around¬†but couldn’t see anyone in sight, not even any coolrunners, so I went home to relieve hubby from Rugrat duty.

My next race is going to be the 10km Olympic Dream on the 25th November.¬† I really need to¬†work on my pacing and I am hoping to¬†improve my 10km time.¬†¬†I would like to do it in about 62min, probably abit ambitious but something to aim for.¬† I have 6 weeks to work on this cardio of mine and get it back in to ship shape, aahhh, the story of my running life ūüėÜ

Exercise, Musings, Spring into Shape and Cake

The last two days have been pretty good  in regards to exercise for me.  Wednesday I went down to Princes Park and did a 5km run in 32 mins.  It was quite sunny and warm when I was doing it and it reminded me of last summer when running.  Some days were so hot and I wondered what the hell I was doing out there.  I will definitely have to improve my hydration as I know there were days I suffered due to lack of it!!  Anyway, the run was good but I did have to stop for a drink mid run. 

Yesterday¬†I hit the gym ūüėÄ ¬†¬†It was really nice going back again and I enjoyed what I did.¬† I used¬†the x-trainer for 20 minutes and did intervals on it and then I rode the bike for a further 20minutes.¬† When I got the cardio out of the way, I then concentrated on¬†lunges and core strength.¬†¬†¬†

Today I was going to go for a run but I have so much to do today before the week-end it is not funny ūüėĮ ¬†Sometimes I wonder how the hell things get so upside down in this household of mine and¬†usually have to settle for organised chaos ūüėÜ ¬†

I have been reading all the post marathon reports on the Melbourne Marathon 07¬†forum on Coolrunning¬†and I came across Luckylegs¬†post on page 30 of posts.¬† I was reduced to tears when I was reading it, how gutsy is she??¬†¬†A truly inspirational woman thats for sure.¬† Although my plan has always been to do 1/2 Marathons with my first probably being next years MM, LL’s post¬†actually got me thinking about doing a Marathon in a couple of years ūüėĮ ¬†

I am hoping to¬†head down to¬†Spring into Shape #2¬†on Sunday and do the 8km.¬† I will probably have to decide on the morning because I¬†have to wait for the car and of course babysitter as in husband when he gets home from work.¬† I am being particularly cheeky this week-end as I am meeting the girls on Saturday, including RJ, for afternoon tea at one of our very old haunts,¬†the Old Paper Shop Deli in South Melbourne.¬†¬†They use to have the best cakes there, I hope they still do ūüėÄ

Melbourne Marathon 10km – Awesome!

I totally loved the¬†MM event yesterday.¬† It was awesome!¬† My morning started off without a hitch, phew….. the kids were good, sleepy but good when I got them up and we were in the taxi by 6:40am.¬† Dropped them off to their Dad and I then headed to the MCG ūüėÄ ¬†¬†We were driving down Punt Road and I started seeing the signs stating “roads closed for MM” and¬†boy did I start getting really¬†excited then.¬† Those roads were closed for me, and well of course the other entrants but I was feeling mighty proud knowing I was a part of it.¬† Anyway, I got the taxi driver to drop me off not far from Bridge Road as the traffic was quite banked up¬† on Punt Road and there was no way I was paying to be dropped of at the suggested drop of point of the Hilton Hotel!!¬† It would have cost me an arm and a leg and I wasn’t in that good of a mood ūüėČ

After a short walk and a few phone calls I located Jaykay, Michelle and Sue (Hobbles) and it wasn’t long before we ventured up to the starting point to see Michelle off who was doing the half and also Sue’s husband.¬† 10-15 minute delay and they were off!¬† I heard someone call my name and it was Kathryn ūüėÄ ¬† I was so happy that I got to see her at the start¬†and she looked downright cute in her running skirt!!¬† I also was scanning across the crowd for Andrew but didn’t see him ūüė¶

It wasn’t long before we hit the start and were also off.¬†¬†My plan was to grab a drink at the two drink stops and walk through while sipping and then take off again.¬† Jaykay very graciously agreed to do whatever I wanted to do which was really good of her as I could see¬†she¬†would have left me for dust!¬† It was¬†nice to run with someone although by the end of it I was not chatting that much as I was running out of steam ūüė≥ I was seeking out that 2nd drink stop around the 8km and really had to concentrate on my breathing going up the William Barrak bridge.¬† Those lying ausrunners who said it was just a gentle incline ūüėÜ ¬†The part going around the MCG seemed to go on forever and just about did me in but as soon as I saw the entrance to the stadium it was all ok¬† ūüėÄ ¬†Running on that MCG turf was unbelievable and I will never forget it.

Eventually caught up with everyone again and sat in the grand-stand and watched the other runners come in.¬† It was so shady and cold sitting there, I was chilled to the bone.¬† I really should have taken some more clothes to put on.¬† I eventually had to go so hubby could go and get some sleep, so I bid my farewells to everyone.¬†¬†As I left the stadium, I realised I was absolutely starving and grabbed a chicken burger on the way out and then stood out in the sunshine and waited abit to see if I might catch Andrew coming in.¬† I ended up leaving¬†about Midday and¬†had intended to catch the train home but as I was about to enter the station, I spotted a taxi zooming up and decided I deserved a nice warm ride home, so I hailed it and jumped in.¬† Anyone would think I was loaded the way I was throwing money at the cab drivers on Sunday but it was definitely worth every cent!!¬† I will definitely be back at this event next year but doing the Half Marathon…….. plenty of time to get my act into gear ūüėÄ

P.S  Big congratulations to Kathryn on completing her very first 1/2 Marathon Рyou truly rock!!

Also, a big congratulations to Andrew on completing his very first Full Marathon – and although I know it didn’t end up the way you wanted, you truly are an inspiration in completing it!!¬† If it was me I am sure I would have been flagging down anything to¬†take me back in ūüėÜ ¬†¬†¬†

Just Go With the Flow

Well I have been so busy the last couple of days with school holidays and all, and I can’t believe it is now only 2 days before the MM!!¬† I went for a short 3km street run today and I am still crap runner, just joking Andrew ūüėČ ¬†Having said that,¬†my cardio still sucks and I am definitely going to have to address this after Sunday.¬† I am thinking it is because¬†I have not been able to get to the gym and do what I usually do, so¬†my plan is to try and get back at least¬†twice a week as well as run three times a week.¬†

I am really excited about Sunday but not excited about the lead up in getting there.¬† I have to catch a cab which is ok, it is just dropping off¬† the children first¬†at hubbys work (the family business)¬†and then having to continue on from there.¬†¬†I think it is not only do I have to get myself organised, I have to get the kids organised and sometimes that is just a stress in itself, especially if my 3 year decides he doesn’t want to go with the flow!!¬† I am sure¬†once I am doing it, it should all¬†fall¬†into place but it is just thinking about doing it ūüôĄ ¬†I swear sometimes I think I put way to much thought into things and should just learn to chill out and enjoy the moment no matter how stressful it is.¬† Hhhmmm, having said that maybe I should just get up at 5am and that will give me plenty of time to deal with any obstacles should they occur, but then will I have the energy to actually flippin run, oh brother, I think I need to lie down, this is just getting way to complicated¬† ūüėÜ


Posting today for yesterdays run at Princes Park, school holidays can be so annoying ūüôĄ ¬†Shouldn’t really complain as I did actually get out to run ūüėÄ ¬†My goal yesterday was to run 50-60mins and I ended up doing 8km in 53:29mins.¬† Average pace was 6:40min/km and maximum was 5:51.¬† It was quite a nice morning to run although it was a little windy on the cemetary side of PP.

Not sure what my plan is now for the rest of the week before doing the 10km at Melbourne Marathon on Sunday in terms of running.¬† I would like¬†do one more shortish run and use the spin bike when I can.¬† I am meeting up with RJ and her two boys tomorrow¬†down at St Kilda, and then¬†her boys are coming over for a sleep over for the night.¬†¬†I did originally want to¬†rest my legs for at least 3 days so that would mean I would have to run tomorrow, so I can’t really¬†see it happening.¬† I guess I will have to play it by ear.¬†¬†I do plan to do a lot of stretching and continue my hip exercises which the Physio gave me at the beginning of August.¬† I think it is helping my hip pain but I only started them 2 weeks ago and she said to give it at least a month.¬†

Really looking forward to¬†Sunday and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful morning for running.¬† I intend to just run it as I feel without blowing a gasket.¬† I honestly can’t see me breaking any records in view of the fact that I only started my training again three weeks ago.¬† I think I am going to walk through the two drink stations as¬†I don’t want to be seen carking it as I run onto the MCG thats for sure ūüė≥

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