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Posting today for yesterdays run at Princes Park, school holidays can be so annoying 🙄  Shouldn’t really complain as I did actually get out to run 😀  My goal yesterday was to run 50-60mins and I ended up doing 8km in 53:29mins.  Average pace was 6:40min/km and maximum was 5:51.  It was quite a nice morning to run although it was a little windy on the cemetary side of PP.

Not sure what my plan is now for the rest of the week before doing the 10km at Melbourne Marathon on Sunday in terms of running.  I would like do one more shortish run and use the spin bike when I can.  I am meeting up with RJ and her two boys tomorrow down at St Kilda, and then her boys are coming over for a sleep over for the night.  I did originally want to rest my legs for at least 3 days so that would mean I would have to run tomorrow, so I can’t really see it happening.  I guess I will have to play it by ear.  I do plan to do a lot of stretching and continue my hip exercises which the Physio gave me at the beginning of August.  I think it is helping my hip pain but I only started them 2 weeks ago and she said to give it at least a month. 

Really looking forward to Sunday and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful morning for running.  I intend to just run it as I feel without blowing a gasket.  I honestly can’t see me breaking any records in view of the fact that I only started my training again three weeks ago.  I think I am going to walk through the two drink stations as I don’t want to be seen carking it as I run onto the MCG thats for sure 😳

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  1. You sound really excited about Sunday – and so you should be. I’m excited too!! I can hardly wait to hear everyone’s race reports. Have a good run Lee!! I must say, your times seem very strong. It’s all very encouraging!!

  2. I wouldn’t stress too much about it if you can’t get out for a run tomorrow – running around after a bunch o’ boys will be cardio enough!

    I was laughing about having a stop before entering the G on Sunday – to touch up the hair and face before being on the big screen!

  3. Don’t sweat it about the extra run, taper early and go for it on Sunday … hope to see you on the day!

  4. Good luck on Sunday.

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