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Just Go With the Flow

Well I have been so busy the last couple of days with school holidays and all, and I can’t believe it is now only 2 days before the MM!!  I went for a short 3km street run today and I am still crap runner, just joking Andrew 😉  Having said that, my cardio still sucks and I am definitely going to have to address this after Sunday.  I am thinking it is because I have not been able to get to the gym and do what I usually do, so my plan is to try and get back at least twice a week as well as run three times a week. 

I am really excited about Sunday but not excited about the lead up in getting there.  I have to catch a cab which is ok, it is just dropping off  the children first at hubbys work (the family business) and then having to continue on from there.  I think it is not only do I have to get myself organised, I have to get the kids organised and sometimes that is just a stress in itself, especially if my 3 year decides he doesn’t want to go with the flow!!  I am sure once I am doing it, it should all fall into place but it is just thinking about doing it 🙄  I swear sometimes I think I put way to much thought into things and should just learn to chill out and enjoy the moment no matter how stressful it is.  Hhhmmm, having said that maybe I should just get up at 5am and that will give me plenty of time to deal with any obstacles should they occur, but then will I have the energy to actually flippin run, oh brother, I think I need to lie down, this is just getting way to complicated  😆


Comments on: "Just Go With the Flow" (5)

  1. Arrgghhh, kids can be a nightmare sometimes. I used to do the counting thing with Andrew – as in I’d start counting to 5 or else. It worked and I never actually got to the “or else”:D

  2. hopefully see you there.hope the run goes well

  3. I know it’s not easy getting children ready. One of my sisters does foster care. Some of her foster children have been a real handful and she’s ended up taking them places in their pyjamas.

    I hope you enjoy the run on Sunday. It will be wonderful to run into the G.

  4. morseyruns said:

    Have a great run Lee! Hope that pesky three year old plays the game.

  5. No apologies reqd Lee, after today I’m the crap runner anyway!

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