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I totally loved the MM event yesterday.  It was awesome!  My morning started off without a hitch, phew….. the kids were good, sleepy but good when I got them up and we were in the taxi by 6:40am.  Dropped them off to their Dad and I then headed to the MCG 😀   We were driving down Punt Road and I started seeing the signs stating “roads closed for MM” and boy did I start getting really excited then.  Those roads were closed for me, and well of course the other entrants but I was feeling mighty proud knowing I was a part of it.  Anyway, I got the taxi driver to drop me off not far from Bridge Road as the traffic was quite banked up  on Punt Road and there was no way I was paying to be dropped of at the suggested drop of point of the Hilton Hotel!!  It would have cost me an arm and a leg and I wasn’t in that good of a mood 😉

After a short walk and a few phone calls I located Jaykay, Michelle and Sue (Hobbles) and it wasn’t long before we ventured up to the starting point to see Michelle off who was doing the half and also Sue’s husband.  10-15 minute delay and they were off!  I heard someone call my name and it was Kathryn 😀   I was so happy that I got to see her at the start and she looked downright cute in her running skirt!!  I also was scanning across the crowd for Andrew but didn’t see him 😦

It wasn’t long before we hit the start and were also off.  My plan was to grab a drink at the two drink stops and walk through while sipping and then take off again.  Jaykay very graciously agreed to do whatever I wanted to do which was really good of her as I could see she would have left me for dust!  It was nice to run with someone although by the end of it I was not chatting that much as I was running out of steam 😳 I was seeking out that 2nd drink stop around the 8km and really had to concentrate on my breathing going up the William Barrak bridge.  Those lying ausrunners who said it was just a gentle incline 😆  The part going around the MCG seemed to go on forever and just about did me in but as soon as I saw the entrance to the stadium it was all ok  😀  Running on that MCG turf was unbelievable and I will never forget it.

Eventually caught up with everyone again and sat in the grand-stand and watched the other runners come in.  It was so shady and cold sitting there, I was chilled to the bone.  I really should have taken some more clothes to put on.  I eventually had to go so hubby could go and get some sleep, so I bid my farewells to everyone.  As I left the stadium, I realised I was absolutely starving and grabbed a chicken burger on the way out and then stood out in the sunshine and waited abit to see if I might catch Andrew coming in.  I ended up leaving about Midday and had intended to catch the train home but as I was about to enter the station, I spotted a taxi zooming up and decided I deserved a nice warm ride home, so I hailed it and jumped in.  Anyone would think I was loaded the way I was throwing money at the cab drivers on Sunday but it was definitely worth every cent!!  I will definitely be back at this event next year but doing the Half Marathon…….. plenty of time to get my act into gear 😀

P.S  Big congratulations to Kathryn on completing her very first 1/2 Marathon – you truly rock!!

Also, a big congratulations to Andrew on completing his very first Full Marathon – and although I know it didn’t end up the way you wanted, you truly are an inspiration in completing it!!  If it was me I am sure I would have been flagging down anything to take me back in 😆    


Comments on: "Melbourne Marathon 10km – Awesome!" (5)

  1. I’m really glad you had such a ball yesterday – a successful, fun, run was just what was needed in your program methinks.

    I totally agree about the run around the outside of the MCG, how long did that feel!

  2. sounds like you really enjoyed it..well done

  3. Thanks for the congrats 😀

    Glad to hear all the kid issues went off without any probs and you had a good run – it really helps the motivation, doesn’t it? I’m so with you about the MCG, I reckon trying to get around it was the hardest bit of the whole run, but once you got inside it was awesome 😀

  4. Sounds like a great run Lee. Well done. I admire your organisational skills, managing to get the family sorted as well as getting to the G in plenty of time. I enjoyed your race report. Looking forward to hearing about your next run.

  5. I’m so pleased you had a good run!! Sounds like it was fantastic atmosphere! So nice to be able to share it with people.

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