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The last two days have been pretty good  in regards to exercise for me.  Wednesday I went down to Princes Park and did a 5km run in 32 mins.  It was quite sunny and warm when I was doing it and it reminded me of last summer when running.  Some days were so hot and I wondered what the hell I was doing out there.  I will definitely have to improve my hydration as I know there were days I suffered due to lack of it!!  Anyway, the run was good but I did have to stop for a drink mid run. 

Yesterday I hit the gym 😀   It was really nice going back again and I enjoyed what I did.  I used the x-trainer for 20 minutes and did intervals on it and then I rode the bike for a further 20minutes.  When I got the cardio out of the way, I then concentrated on lunges and core strength.   

Today I was going to go for a run but I have so much to do today before the week-end it is not funny 😯  Sometimes I wonder how the hell things get so upside down in this household of mine and usually have to settle for organised chaos 😆  

I have been reading all the post marathon reports on the Melbourne Marathon 07 forum on Coolrunning and I came across Luckylegs post on page 30 of posts.  I was reduced to tears when I was reading it, how gutsy is she??  A truly inspirational woman thats for sure.  Although my plan has always been to do 1/2 Marathons with my first probably being next years MM, LL’s post actually got me thinking about doing a Marathon in a couple of years 😯  

I am hoping to head down to Spring into Shape #2 on Sunday and do the 8km.  I will probably have to decide on the morning because I have to wait for the car and of course babysitter as in husband when he gets home from work.  I am being particularly cheeky this week-end as I am meeting the girls on Saturday, including RJ, for afternoon tea at one of our very old haunts, the Old Paper Shop Deli in South Melbourne.  They use to have the best cakes there, I hope they still do 😀

Comments on: "Exercise, Musings, Spring into Shape and Cake" (3)

  1. I cried too! You know I can pick you up on Sunday morning if you want. I am not running but I could get addicted to cheering on every gutsy runner.

  2. hopesubday works out.. well done on the 5km sin 32mins

  3. Glad you’ve had a good couple of days exercise, and thinking about a marathon in your future – that’s a great sign too. Hope to see you on Sunday!

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