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Spring into Shape #2

I made it to Spring into Shape #2 with time to spare yesterday morning.  Had to laugh when I was in toilet queue because there were about 6 womens toilets all in a row but only 1 being used 😯  I really wanted to investigate and find out what was wrong with the 5 not being used but I didn’t want to lose my place!!

Caught up with Andrew and had a quick chat and then met Kathy but only for a very brief moment as out race was about to start.  I lost you Kathy when placing myself at start and I did look out for you post race but didn’t see you 😦   Hopefully next time around we can have a longer chat 🙂

Everything felt good while running, not a niggle in sight.  Have to say though I hate that stretch along Batman Avenue 😡   When I was running through my first lap it was nice to see Andrew and Tigerboy cheering on the sidelines.  I still felt really good and it wasn’t until about the 6km mark when I felt as though I was running out of steam and had to slow my pace a little.  I always seem to conk out when there is about 2kms to go whether it be a 8km or a 10km.  Anyway I managed to catch my breath again and felt really quite good when I finished.  My official time was 50:29 which was I was happy with as I thought it was around 51:30 mark.  It was such a glorious morning and I was really grateful to be able to be out there.  Post run I had a leisurely wander around but couldn’t see anyone in sight, not even any coolrunners, so I went home to relieve hubby from Rugrat duty.

My next race is going to be the 10km Olympic Dream on the 25th November.  I really need to work on my pacing and I am hoping to improve my 10km time.  I would like to do it in about 62min, probably abit ambitious but something to aim for.  I have 6 weeks to work on this cardio of mine and get it back in to ship shape, aahhh, the story of my running life 😆


Comments on: "Spring into Shape #2" (5)

  1. Well done Lee, that is a great time – you were looking pretty strong as you went past the half-way marker! Sorry I couldn’t stick around to see you finish but had to get home.

  2. Sorry I missed you on Sunday. Some tempo training runs will help with the late stage fade out. Next time you go for a run try to pick up the pace in the second half, not race pace but try to push fairly hard. You need to aim to build up to a 30 minutes of full tempo pace, it helps you learn to run fatigued.

    Then again if we didn’t feel stuffed towards the end of the a race we wouldn’t be trying hard enough 😆

  3. Wow Lee what a great run! Well done!!!

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful run Lee. I’m sorry I couldn’t run with you but I had to make the most of the opportunity to do a long walk.

  5. It was good to meet you Lee, even if it was only briefly.

    Good luck with your 10 km run. I’ll be interested to hear if Em’s advice works for you.

    I’m going to do the 5 km Olympic Dream with whichever of my nephews and my niece want to come along with me. I have four of them running with me on Sunday the next time I’m in Melbourne. This “run with aunty kathy” caper is turning into a major event!

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