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New Week, Fresh Start

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Spring into Shape 😯   I seemed to have fallen of the wagon so to speak.  The first week after SiS I did run once and attended gym twice which included a Spin class.  It is the first Spin class I have done in ages, in fact it is the first one I have managed to get to at my new gym.  It was the same instructor that use to do the Fernwood one when I was going there and I love her classes, so it was really good to get back onto the seat so to speak.  The second week, last week, I have been feeling really out of sorts and sad because of Dad 😥  I guess it is two steps forward, 100 back.  I know it will get better but I realised yesterday, it has only been 10 weeks since he died.  My sister and bro-in-law were also at our family home in Perth, for the very last time to clean up the last bits and pieces before settlement.  It hit me like a ton of bricks that we no longer have a family home, the home we lived in for our entire childhood.  I actually feel quite devastated about that and needless to say, my sister and I have been on the phone blubbering to each other like a couple of babies.  I so wished I could have been there to help them as I know it has been really hard for them both.  I hate it that we are so far away from each other 😦

Now onto that vague thing that I do called running 😆  I am hoping to run tomorrow, whatever I feel like doing and then get into my new plan from Wednesday.  I posted on the ausrun site in training to get some advice on where to go from here and I think I have worked out some plan.  I was seriously thinking about going down to the Coburg Harriers Fun Run this morning but have to say I was abit stuffed, emotionally and physically.  Have to say though once I saw how strong the wind was this morning, not sure it I would have been brave enough to tackle that for my first run back!!  

Comments on: "New Week, Fresh Start" (5)

  1. Oh it is so windy out there that I couldn’t even ride to the gym- it just didn’t seem worth the effort. Glad you are at least spinning and getting back out for a run every now and then.

  2. next time..let me know when you do the coburg run…kathryn Oh might be keen to give it a burl too

  3. It’s an emotional time Lee, that’s for sure.

    A plan sounds like a good idea. Hope it all goes well. When’s your next run? I’m doing a 6 km fun run on 11th November in Canberra with some of the running girls, then SiS the week after, the 5 km Olympic Dream with my niece and nephews, and then I have absolutely no idea what’s next. At least it means one run a week minimum for those three weeks.

  4. You never stop grieving, and that is OK. I felt the same way when we sold my grandmothers house.

  5. Keep your chin up Lee!

    If you’re thinking about going down to Coburg anytime, and want a newbie pal to go with, I’ve been thinking about it too!

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