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Vamping Up the Running Wardrobe


You know I find 1200 calories a day not very many to be on.  There is definitely no room for stuff ups like last night.  Well, to be perfectly honest I knew I was going to go off track after I had my lunch and only had 300 calories remaining for the rest of the day.  It was the pitta bread!  Do you know how many calories is in one of those suckers??  I love pitta bread and often use it for a snack with skinny zatziki on it.  Looks like this is not a good option, not to mention those pesky carbs in it 🙄

Oh well, today is a new day and I am going great guns with the calorie counting, not to mention the fact that I am dying to get out and run today.  Had a couple of errands to do this morning, not to mention catching up on house-hold chores.  Hubby decided to sleep as soon as he got home and I really hope he gets up later so I can run.  I really need to run 🙂

I also ordered a running skirt today and I am so excited about receiving this I am beside myself.  I went for the MarathonGirl COOLair in black to start with.  I have never ordered clothing on-line before and I just hope it fits when I get it.  I had a good look at my running wardrobe and I really don’t have a hell of lot so this is the first purchase of what I hope will be many 😉   I have thousands of pairs of runners but only run in one pair.  All the rest are mistakes!


So here I am, second run into my training regime and I am already thnking about tampering with it!  I know I am not going to going to walk 1.6km before and after runs, so I am going to have to work out what I am going to do about that.  What does everyone else do?  I have also decided 3.2km is not enough and I may up that a bit as well.  If I get out today, I will try and sort out some compromise 😆       

Jaykay, I think I read somewhere that Run 4 Kids is the 30th March 2008 but don’t quote me on that. 


Counting Calories and a Run


Started up my food diary again yesterday at calorieking  and have been quite pleased with myself.  I shouldn’t get too excited though as it is only day 2 but I am really fed up with my excess weight and have reached the point where I have to at least make the effort.  I did go over 200 calories yesterday but because I ran today I am putting the excess towards that.  Just hope I don’t blow out tonight!  Why is cutting back on calories so hard??  I seem to do ok during the day but then comes witching hour and there’s me ready to set the world on fire.  I know I use food as a coping mechanism and I have to find ways to divert myself.  Its like I reward myself at night for getting through another day 🙄   The other thing I notice when I am doing my food diary, I always have more carbs than I am suppose too.  My allowance is 126g, yesterday I had 139.7g, actually thats not too bad compared to some days but it is definitely one of my downfalls.


At last I have a post about running.  I have decided to start preparing for Run 4 Kids next year and I did a training program through Smartcoach.  Initially when I looked at this at has me for the first 2 weeks running about 3.2km with a couple of kms with warm-up and cooldown.  My initial thought was I would run longer than that but when I headed out today I decided to do what was said.  I did skimp on the warm-up and cool-down with the total being 1.6km, so all up I did 4.6km.  I actually forgot that I was suppose to do 1.6km for both w-u and c-d, and to be honest I don’t know if I will have the patience or the time to walk that at the beginning and end of runs.  I was also suppose to be running at a pace of 7:29 which I found impossible to do and found myself around the 6:30 pace often.  Tried to slow it down but found it hard to maintain.  All in all, I was happy with my efforts today and all felt good considering I haven’t been exercising at all.  Still have that bothersome hip and pain in the ball of my foot even with all the “rest” I have had but it never seems to interfere with my runs.  I have started my glucosamine and fish oil again for the old bones, just have to remember to take them 😆

The Blob

I actually feel like hanging up my running shoes and retiring 😆   Now there has been many times over the last weeks where I couldn’t get out for a run due to babysitting issues but there has definitely been times when I could have got out there and I have chosen to remain in this unmotivated mode!!  I was planning to do the Olympic Dream on Sunday to try and re-motivate myself but the pin was pulled due to the same old same old (car/babysitting).  I now have my eye on the Christmas Run  🙄

Its time my friends for you all to give me a piece of your mind to get me off my butt.  I feel like a big fat blob and my abdomen is ever growing, I now know what they mean by the middleage spread 😳  I actually weigh 3kg more than what I did this time last year.  This has to stop!! 

P.S  Does my font size look smaller than normal or are my eyes on their way out also??

Yoga in the Park

I only managed one run this week due to a combination of appointments and also not having anyone to look after my 3 year old.  I have decided to stop beating myself up when I don’t get out and just enjoy it when I do.  Hopefully next year when my little one starts 4 year old kinda, yipppeeeee, I can get more of routine going again.  Anyway, I ventured out for a street run yesterday morning around 9.30ish and boy, was it getting warm.  I covered 5km in about 30minutes.  I got to check the accuracy of my Garmin and it was spot on as I did a couple of laps around my local lake which has 100m markers all the way around.  Happy with that 😀   Towards the end of my run, I was so hot and my my face was beetroot!    

Tomorrow instead of doing #3 Spring into Shape, I have decided to do a Yoga session down out local park.  To be honest, I don’t think I could pull of an 8km run unless it was a slow training one and I want to take advantage of these Yoga classes.  It’s the first session that the health and yoga of australia are running over the summer.  It goes until the 16th March, 08.  I think it would be pretty awesome to do yoga in the outdoors so I am going to snap up the opportunity.  If anyone is interested the link is www.yogaatthepark.com.au  They are being run around selected parks in Melbourne, NSW and Adelaide.

Good luck to all those running tomorrow at SiS, especially Andrew who is chasing a 2nd sub 18mins or is that now a sub 17 😯

5.4km and Feeling Fresh

I had the best run this morning at the Tan 😀 I only ran for about 35 minutes and did 5.4km but my legs felt really fresh and it felt so good to be back out there again!!  Now, if I could only work out how to put the map onto my blog 😳   Sometimes I can be a real doofus when trying to work out gadgets and of course I am talking about my new Garmin.  When I set up my user profile, I thought I had set it up to record kms not miles.  Anyway I start running and it is in miles not km 😆  I don’t know where I went wrong so if anyone can enlighten me, please do. 

It was really beautiful morning for running although it was heating up and I wrapped it up at 5.4km because I had arrived back at car and because we had been to dinner at RJ’s last night, I still had champagne swilling around.  I was really happy with todays effort as I haven’t done a proper run since Spring into Shape which was on the 14th October.  In that time I have done two cardio sessions at gym but nothing, nothing beats a great run 😀     

Here I still sit….

My new Garmin Forerunner arrived bright and early yesterday morning and I still haven’t been out for a run.  I don’t know what the matter is with me at the moment, I just can’t seem to get my butt out there!  I did go to the gym on Melbourne Cup day and very embarrassed to say that I actually watched the race while working out!!  First time ever haven’t been somewhere or planned something at out house for the day.  Just not in the mood for partying I guess, well as much as you can with a pesky 9 year and 4 year old.  Usually when I do a gym session it sets me up for the next days run but as I said it just didn’t happen yesterday.  This morning when hubby got home from work, he went straight to bed as he was really tired and then I started my day.  Dropped my 9 year old off at school, then took my 4 year old to a Maternal Nurse apppointment, then it was shopping, food nothing exciting, then to the library.  Tonight it is my 9 year olds Arts Festival at his school with a school concert to follow.  I don’t know how the frig I am going to stay awake as I am exhausted.  Had a really crappy nights sleep last night, awoken about three time by kids and then had to get hubby up for work at 3am.  By then I was wide awake and did not fall asleep until about 5.30am.  Then I was up again at 7am.  Bloody hell, its no wonder I am flipping exhasusted today, pmsl!!!

Tomorrow I have a badly needed hair appointment first thing and then hopefully, I will get out for that run at some stage!! 

P.S  I don’t know what is up with wordpress but I could not get one blush, one sad face or one smiley face to work for this post, ggrrrr.  I love my emoticons!

Move It Baby Move It

I am still alive 🙄   I am just not doing any form of exercise at the moment although my mind is really active with all my grand running plans.  I have even set some up for next year.  Now, I just need to get my ever growing butt out and move it 😆 Seriously though, I am not depressed just in a “can’t be bothered mode”.  I think the weather is not helping.  If it was sunny and inviting I am sure I would be out there.  So it got me thinking what would motivate me into action again??  The answer came to me and I now await a 205 Garmin Forerunner which should arrive on Wednesday 😳  I have been wanting one of these suckers for so long now and have been trying to justify getting one for just as long.  I mean I do have a perfectly well functioning Polar RS200sd but I have never been able to shake the Garmin envy feeling.  So all I can say now is roll on Wednesday because that is when it is arriving 😀    

 The other thing that I was really contemplating doing was signing up with Pat Carroll for some on-line training.  Initially I was going to do a 4 week stint to re-motivate me and get the Garmin but canned that idea as ridiculous and just ordered the Garmin 😆    So once again I have set a training plan to follow to build up my mileage in preparation for Run 4 the Kids.  I figure I need to start now as I will surely have interruptions to my schedule especially with Christmas on the horizon and all the family Birthdays we have in December.  Five in total and one of those is my 3 year olds who will be turning 4, woo hoo 4 year old kinder next year, whoops sorry, I divert! 

Monday last week, I walked across the road to my local WW meeting and bought myself the new points book, food diary and eating out guide as this pack was on special.  Monday was D-day for me to get back into point counting and lose this last flipping 4kg that I just can’t seem to lose.  When I had got on the scales I had put on almost all that I had lost.  Is it any wonder with the food I manage to put away and no exercise to speak of.  So anyway, I start in the morning but by afternoon I am feeling really crappy and the next day I have a full on head cold 😯  So last week ended up being a write-off although when I weighed myself this morning I had lost a kilo!  I will re-start the point counting tomorrow because I think I may have gone over my allowance already, even though it is only 1.30pm!  

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