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Move It Baby Move It

I am still alive 🙄   I am just not doing any form of exercise at the moment although my mind is really active with all my grand running plans.  I have even set some up for next year.  Now, I just need to get my ever growing butt out and move it 😆 Seriously though, I am not depressed just in a “can’t be bothered mode”.  I think the weather is not helping.  If it was sunny and inviting I am sure I would be out there.  So it got me thinking what would motivate me into action again??  The answer came to me and I now await a 205 Garmin Forerunner which should arrive on Wednesday 😳  I have been wanting one of these suckers for so long now and have been trying to justify getting one for just as long.  I mean I do have a perfectly well functioning Polar RS200sd but I have never been able to shake the Garmin envy feeling.  So all I can say now is roll on Wednesday because that is when it is arriving 😀    

 The other thing that I was really contemplating doing was signing up with Pat Carroll for some on-line training.  Initially I was going to do a 4 week stint to re-motivate me and get the Garmin but canned that idea as ridiculous and just ordered the Garmin 😆    So once again I have set a training plan to follow to build up my mileage in preparation for Run 4 the Kids.  I figure I need to start now as I will surely have interruptions to my schedule especially with Christmas on the horizon and all the family Birthdays we have in December.  Five in total and one of those is my 3 year olds who will be turning 4, woo hoo 4 year old kinder next year, whoops sorry, I divert! 

Monday last week, I walked across the road to my local WW meeting and bought myself the new points book, food diary and eating out guide as this pack was on special.  Monday was D-day for me to get back into point counting and lose this last flipping 4kg that I just can’t seem to lose.  When I had got on the scales I had put on almost all that I had lost.  Is it any wonder with the food I manage to put away and no exercise to speak of.  So anyway, I start in the morning but by afternoon I am feeling really crappy and the next day I have a full on head cold 😯  So last week ended up being a write-off although when I weighed myself this morning I had lost a kilo!  I will re-start the point counting tomorrow because I think I may have gone over my allowance already, even though it is only 1.30pm!  


Comments on: "Move It Baby Move It" (5)

  1. Aahhhh the Garmin. We want pictures baby!! I like drawing pictures with my Percy, plus it acts as a log for what I’ve done.

  2. I agree- I have the polar with the foot pod, but I wish I had just waited a few more pays and bought a garmin. Good luck with WW- I can’t bring myself to darken their door and admit I put it all back on! I am very excited for you about 4y.o. kinder.

  3. Why did you have to go and do that? Another Polar to Garmin convert just puts added pressure on the rest of us that also have Garmin envy!

  4. I love my Garmin. You’ll love yours too.

    I am so glad someone else plans out their runs even when they don’t do them. Do you ever read Warriorwoman’s blog? She had a great post about virtual running the other day. Made me laugh even as I was relating to it.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of Garmin 🙂

    Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

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