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The Blob

I actually feel like hanging up my running shoes and retiring 😆   Now there has been many times over the last weeks where I couldn’t get out for a run due to babysitting issues but there has definitely been times when I could have got out there and I have chosen to remain in this unmotivated mode!!  I was planning to do the Olympic Dream on Sunday to try and re-motivate myself but the pin was pulled due to the same old same old (car/babysitting).  I now have my eye on the Christmas Run  🙄

Its time my friends for you all to give me a piece of your mind to get me off my butt.  I feel like a big fat blob and my abdomen is ever growing, I now know what they mean by the middleage spread 😳  I actually weigh 3kg more than what I did this time last year.  This has to stop!! 

P.S  Does my font size look smaller than normal or are my eyes on their way out also??

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  1. You are being a little hard on yourself in some respects, because it sounds like you really want to do the exercise, but really have other, more important, responsibilities that are priority. Also, at least you acknowledge that you want to lose the weight, I went through 20 years of denial before realising I needed to do something about it.

    Okay, that’s enough excuses for you – now, get out and run!

    PS Font size looks same to me.

  2. Lee, get off your butt! 🙂

    Seriously, it’s so easy to get de-motivated and not at all easy to get motivated. Even when you are motivated, life has a habit of getting in the way.

    I think that for someone as busy as you, you may find the “steal a workout” idea useful. When you can’t get out there to run because of babysitting etc you can still get a workout in all sorts of ways. For example, choosing salad instead of pasta is like “stealing a workout”. Walking to the local shops instead of driving, doing some heavy duty housework, even 15 mins of an exercise dvd – they are all “stolen workouts”. It all adds up. More importantly, you will feel positive about yourself for making all those good choices.

  3. I did the Christmas Run last year- and I loved it! Good luck Lee, I don’t know the answer to motivation but I would love to be running right now. And no, your font doesn’t look big in those jeans.

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