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Counting Calories and a Run


Started up my food diary again yesterday at calorieking  and have been quite pleased with myself.  I shouldn’t get too excited though as it is only day 2 but I am really fed up with my excess weight and have reached the point where I have to at least make the effort.  I did go over 200 calories yesterday but because I ran today I am putting the excess towards that.  Just hope I don’t blow out tonight!  Why is cutting back on calories so hard??  I seem to do ok during the day but then comes witching hour and there’s me ready to set the world on fire.  I know I use food as a coping mechanism and I have to find ways to divert myself.  Its like I reward myself at night for getting through another day 🙄   The other thing I notice when I am doing my food diary, I always have more carbs than I am suppose too.  My allowance is 126g, yesterday I had 139.7g, actually thats not too bad compared to some days but it is definitely one of my downfalls.


At last I have a post about running.  I have decided to start preparing for Run 4 Kids next year and I did a training program through Smartcoach.  Initially when I looked at this at has me for the first 2 weeks running about 3.2km with a couple of kms with warm-up and cooldown.  My initial thought was I would run longer than that but when I headed out today I decided to do what was said.  I did skimp on the warm-up and cool-down with the total being 1.6km, so all up I did 4.6km.  I actually forgot that I was suppose to do 1.6km for both w-u and c-d, and to be honest I don’t know if I will have the patience or the time to walk that at the beginning and end of runs.  I was also suppose to be running at a pace of 7:29 which I found impossible to do and found myself around the 6:30 pace often.  Tried to slow it down but found it hard to maintain.  All in all, I was happy with my efforts today and all felt good considering I haven’t been exercising at all.  Still have that bothersome hip and pain in the ball of my foot even with all the “rest” I have had but it never seems to interfere with my runs.  I have started my glucosamine and fish oil again for the old bones, just have to remember to take them 😆


Comments on: "Counting Calories and a Run" (5)

  1. Arrgghh is the R4tK that close?

    Starting at the small kms sounds like a good idea. I know sometimes I get these grandiose ideas then end up doing nothing, whereas if I just intend heading out for a short run then I get it done 😀

  2. CalorieKing is such a great tool, isn’t it? Good luck with that.

    Well done on getting out there Lee.

  3. Well done on both counts (the calories and the run) – both positive steps. Running slower than your normal pace is tough isn’t it, I find it difficult too, it makes me feel really awkward and I think makes me feel more tired than running at my comfortable pace.

  4. I’m way too scared to count calories at the moment 😳

    So when exactly is R4K? Hopefully I’ll be at my prime, with all my TW training and all, so it should be a relatively easy run (yeah right, like any run is easy!!).

  5. great work on getting out…and taking the plunge with the calorie counting

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