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You know I find 1200 calories a day not very many to be on.  There is definitely no room for stuff ups like last night.  Well, to be perfectly honest I knew I was going to go off track after I had my lunch and only had 300 calories remaining for the rest of the day.  It was the pitta bread!  Do you know how many calories is in one of those suckers??  I love pitta bread and often use it for a snack with skinny zatziki on it.  Looks like this is not a good option, not to mention those pesky carbs in it 🙄

Oh well, today is a new day and I am going great guns with the calorie counting, not to mention the fact that I am dying to get out and run today.  Had a couple of errands to do this morning, not to mention catching up on house-hold chores.  Hubby decided to sleep as soon as he got home and I really hope he gets up later so I can run.  I really need to run 🙂

I also ordered a running skirt today and I am so excited about receiving this I am beside myself.  I went for the MarathonGirl COOLair in black to start with.  I have never ordered clothing on-line before and I just hope it fits when I get it.  I had a good look at my running wardrobe and I really don’t have a hell of lot so this is the first purchase of what I hope will be many 😉   I have thousands of pairs of runners but only run in one pair.  All the rest are mistakes!


So here I am, second run into my training regime and I am already thnking about tampering with it!  I know I am not going to going to walk 1.6km before and after runs, so I am going to have to work out what I am going to do about that.  What does everyone else do?  I have also decided 3.2km is not enough and I may up that a bit as well.  If I get out today, I will try and sort out some compromise 😆       

Jaykay, I think I read somewhere that Run 4 Kids is the 30th March 2008 but don’t quote me on that. 


Comments on: "Vamping Up the Running Wardrobe" (4)

  1. Welcome to the world of Running Skirts 🙂

    I love mine. I’ve got 6 now. I just won’t run in anything else. Got mine from http://www.runningskirts.com.

    Good luck with your run. Have you thought about maybe doing say 800metres walking then 800metres slow running to warm up?

  2. I don’t have any running skirts at all 🙂

    I never walk at the start of a run, just launch straight in. I sometimes walk at the end of a run, usually only 0.5 to 1.0 km though – I think I always feel better when I do this.

  3. I just reactivated my calorie king membership after reading about yours- I am quite a novice using it though.

  4. I have got to get serious about recording what I eat. Thanks for the reminder about calorie king.

    I love my running skirt. Went to buy another and they didn’t have any so I’ll definitely be looking online.

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