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I didn’t get out for that run yesterday and it was really looking as though I wasn’t going to get out today either.  So about 6pm because the kids were playing outside, that is between all the fighting, I thought I would jump on my Spin bike which is also outside and try and do 30minutes.  I hit the 26 minute mark and hubby presents himself so I decided to jump off bike and go for my 3.2km run 😯   Have to say the legs were a bit wobbly as I walked out the front door so decided to walk to end of street until they settled and then start running.  Legs felt great after that!  They were very nicely warmed up.  So all in all I did a 26 minute bike ride with intervals and then my scheduled 3.2km run.  When I got home I had sweat pouring off me so jumped in the shower but have to say I would have killed for a nice dive into a pool 🙂

Tomorrow I would like to head down and do Yoga in the Park but really don’t like my chances of getting to that but we will see.  We have the first of five family Birthdays to celebrate tomorrow and I am pretty sure my calories are going to go through the roof.  I am definitely not expecting a loss when I weigh in on Monday even though I have been trying to stick with it.  Hopefully week 2 will be better 🙄


Comments on: "Bike, Run and Swim in the Shower" (3)

  1. great work lee

  2. The legs feel weird when you start the “run off the bike” don’t they. Mine sort of feel that they’re not there at all. But then, like you I usually feel good after a while. I think the secret is to take the first few hundred metres of the run really easy. Well done on fitting a decent session around all of your other duties. I still don’t know how you domestic goddesses do it!

  3. Ummm – does that count as triathlon training???

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