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running unplugged


I have been running just haven’t had a chance to blog about it.  It has been a bit chaotic around here and unfortunately it is only going to get worse as I am going to start my Christmas shopping this week 😯    Every year I say I am going to be more organised but I never am!! 

At the moment I have been aiming for three 5-6km runs a week but only managed to do two last week and two this week.  Have to say though, I feel as though my form is back and I am feeling pretty happy about that.  Today I actually ran 5.5km and including warm-up and cool-down I covered about 6.5km.  I felt fantabulous today and felt as though I could have ran a longer but I am going to stick to my plan.  I figure at the moment if I can keep running a solid 5-6km’s 2-3 times a week in the month of December, and then start building up km’s at the start of January, I will be happy with that.  I was initially going to start building km’s now but I will only be setting myself for disappointment if I can’t get out there.

I have been experiencing a bit of lower back pain and I think, but am not sure that it may be because all my runs have been on the pavement.  Today I incorporated two laps of the local football oval and I do think it made a difference.  I miss getting down to the Tan or Princess Park but it won’t be long until all the madness is over and I can return to some kind of normality.  I keep meaning to find some lowerback strengthening exercises or stretches on the internet because I think I need to do something along those lines.


Today we went to Guitar World to pick out our son’s guitar that we promised him for Christmas as he is starting lessons next year.   Have to say I was really excited about this as I use to play the guitar many moons ago and loved it.  Anyway, we picked out a nice acoustic electric guitar and it totally rocks.  Somehow I get the feeling that at our household there  are going to be a lot  sessions of “Lee plays unplugged” 😆    I love it how we live through our children 😉


Comments on: "running unplugged" (5)

  1. Chris plays the guitar too, and I am so jealous – maybe in my retirement it can be a project!

  2. Well done on getting out for some runs, it’s so hard at this time of year (although I do remember going for a nice quiet run last Xmas Eve arvo at the tan — absolutely no one around but us!)

  3. It’s great that you’re getting out there and running Lee. Well done.

    I got a guitar for Christmas when I was a kid. The best Christmas present of my childhood. I am sure your son will love it.

  4. acouple of good quick stretches for the back
    1. lay on the ground put your hands next to your shoulders, and straighten up the arms(hold for a little bit) there should be a nice arch of the back
    2.my physio told me to do this one always befpre a run,after a run and any time i was feeling tight…. standing (can put hands on your hips for a bit of support,…bed over backward..ie hips go forward..back arches…and head is lowered(backwards) until you feel a good stretch

  5. So have you been running in your skirt?

    It’s amazing how we live our lives through our children. I admit to doing the same with Alana and her roller skating 😳

    Good to see you back out there running. Hope the back improves.

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